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Teamec is a Belgian company that is involved in restoring auto parts: compressors of conditioners, atomizing nozzles and high pressure pumps of Common Rail system. Additionally the company is an official distributor of DENSO car parts on the territory of Belgium and Luxembourg.

The history of Teamec

The history of Teamec brand starts in 1957 from the moment of the establishment of his own company by Herman Van Rompaey in Koningshooikt, Belgium. Initially the small company was engaged in maintenance support of vehicles and its main specialty for a long time was auto electrics.

In 1985 the subdivision of repairing of starters and alternators appeared, but then it was subsequently sold. Instead of it in 1998 Teamec BVBA company was opened and from the moment of its foundation till present it is involved in restoration of compressors, atomizing nozzles and pumps and is one of the six companies that are a part of H. Van Rompaey holding. Nowadays the headquarters of the company is located in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium.

When having decided to buy Teamec auto parts online you will receive great quality at an affordable price. Car parts by Teamec

  1. Compressors.
  2. High pressure pumps.
  3. Injectors.
  4. Starters.
  5. Receiver-driers.
  6. Condensers.
  7. Auxiliary components.

The Company does not accept too damaged or deformed parts for the restoration. The reason for rejection might be high level of corrosion, damage of fasteners or absence of important components. All car parts undergo thorough cleaning. Damaged parts, as well as expendable elements, such as bearings and sealings are subject to replacement. Contacting surfaces are lubricated by lubricant grease resistant to high temperatures. Each car spare undergoes thorough multi-layered testing before it is sent to the customer. Restored parts are noted for reliability and long service life. Additionally Teamec catalogue has new equipment, in particular alternators, as well as process fluids and tools for servicing of conditioners.

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TEAMEC Compressor, air conditioning 8623348 Review

TEAMEC Compressor, air conditioning 8623348

I was able to confirm that it was the correct item as the OEM number was provided.
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