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SWF Company is a leader among wiper manufacturers in German market. The name of the brand is a synonym of high quality and reliability and its car parts are implementation of innovative technologies. In 1998 SWF Company joined the French enterprise “Valeo Group” engaged in manufacturing automobiles.

The history of SWF Company

The German brand SWF was founded in 1922 in Stuttgart. Originally the company specialized in the production of electric motors, however today its main business area is manufacturing equipment for auto glass cleaning.

The main production capacity of the company is situated in the factory in Bietigheim: 23 assembly lines function on the area of 33000 m² there. Every day 70000 windshield wipers, 22000 wiper motor and 58000 wiper arms come off the assembly line. Windshield wipers are used for equipment of vehicles for leading world manufacturers among concerns such as Volkswagen, General Motors, BMW, Peugeot Citroёn, Renault Nissan, Volvo and others.

SWF Company produces both for original and alternatives equipment.

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Car parts by SWF

The product range of SWF car spares includes:

  • classical frame wipers (SWF Standard);
  • innovative frameless wipers (SWF Visioflex and SWF VisioNext).

SWF windshield wipers have the following features:

  1. They are produced according to DUOTEC+ technology. It means the use of synthetic and natural rubber and has the following advantages:
    • long-lasting service life of the wipers;
    • minimal noise during the work of windshield wipers;
    • high quality cleaning.
  2. They also have a windshield wiper wear indicator. It informs the car owner about the failure of the rubber element in the wiper.
  3. They are delivered with the set of adapters. They let you attach wiper blades into an arm of different car models quickly and easy.
  4. They have an asymmetric spoiler. It increases a press of wiper blades during the movement of vehicles at high speed and thus it improves the efficiency of glass cleaning.
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