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SUPLEX Gmbh is the largest in Europe supplier of non-genuine springs, leaf springs, chassis assemblies. It has been operating since 1992. The main office and central warehouse of the company are located in Willich, Germany. SUPLEX car parts are produced by British company Turton Tonks Springs Ltd. in Sheffield and are suitable for the majority of serial models as well as for racing automobiles.

SUPLEX auto parts

  1. Coil springs. They are manufactured from high quality steel grades with addition of vanadium and silicon. They are noted for high strength and wear resistance. Phosphate and epoxy-powder coating provide additional protection from corrosion and mechanical damages. During the production of car parts modern hot and cold coiling technologies are used. The following types of springs are presented in SUPLEX catalogue:
    • Cylindrical. The selling proposal of the company includes more than 4 000 cylindrical springs.
    • Mini-units. They are produced from cone wire and precisely follow the shape and technical characteristics of original equipment.
    • Racing. They differ from regular springs by increased rigidity.
  2. Leaf springs. Car parts of the category are mostly intended for Ford Transit vehicles. Owners of these vehicles can choose from 350 product names.
  3. Hydraulic spheres. They are manufactured from b materials, effectively absorb vibrations. Diaphragm that is resistant to fracturing can support the nitrogen pressure for a long time. SUPLEX is not involved in the restoration of hydraulic spheres and offers its customers only new elements.
  4. Shock absorber struts. They are noted for high quality of manufacturing, noiselessness during operation and reliability. They provide comfortable movement.

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SUPLEX car parts are a great combination of reliability and available cost. In order to avoid counterfeits we recommend buy auto parts by SUPLEX in our online-shop. We are glad to offer all our customers in Buycarparts.co.uk the following:

  1. Prompt delivery. We always deliver the goods in strictly stipulated dates. It means that you will be able to avoid unpleasant situations connected with untimely receipt of your purchase.
  2. Fair prices. Contact our specialists and they will tell you how to cut expenses on repair of the vehicle.
  3. High quality. We realize that reliability of every car part is important and that is why we will never offer our customers defective goods.
  4. Qualified assistance. Sometimes it is difficult to find your way around a wide range of products that is presented on the website. But you can always contact specialists of our customer support service if you have any questions.
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