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STARTOL is a well-known German brand with a history of more than 75 years. It belongs to Müller Mineralöle GmbH & Co. KG Company. Its headquarters is located in Eschweiler. Under STARTOL brand the company produces a wide range of lubricating materials, hydraulic liquids and automobile chemistry for vehicles by most famous automobile manufacturers. The company products are noted for their highest quality and belong to the category of Premium Class.

STARTOL Products

  1. Engine oils. They differ from each other in composition, viscosity grade and other parameters. They are resistant to evaporation and corrosion. They don’t contain heavy metals. Due to the low viscosity grade they provide instant lubrication of engine components in cold start conditions. They effectively clean the engine components, preventing their early failure. They maintain their operating properties during extreme temperatures. Some types of oil, for example Transit Diplomat Longlife III have an increased change interval: about 50 000 kilometers of mileage or 2 years of operation. The most popular lines of STARTOL motor oils are:
    • Super-Synt;
    • Hightec-Synt;
    • Longlife Ultra SP 1;
    • Special Turbo 60;
    • Super-X pro 50.
  2. Transmission oils. They are resistant to oxidation and can withstand high temperatures and pressure. The components included in the composition add strength to the lubricant film. STARTOL oils effectively clean the transmission components from contaminants and lower the level of noises that occur during operation of the vehicle. They do not cause devastating impact on sealing elements and are characterized by optimal viscosity at a low temperature. The best selling products of the category are:
    • Rasanta Hypoid 80W-90 GL 5;
    • V-Synt Gear S;
    • Rasanta Plus LL GL 4+;
    • Rasanta Fluid 30.
  3. Automatic transmission fluids (ATF). Their main advantages are high performance, resistance to temperature drops, oxidation and pressure. Thanks to the optimal composition they do not lead to destruction of sealing agents, create optimal friction coefficient and prevent adhesion of separate elements. They are also resistant to foam formation. This category is represented, for example by such liquids as:
    • Rasanta ATF 14;
    • Rasanta ATF Jaca;
    • Rasanta DCG Plus;
    • Rasanta Fly ATF-D;
    • Rasanta DCG.
  4. Brake fluids. They provide effective braking and demonstrate excellent characteristics during emergency stops of the vehicle. The boiling temperature of these liquids exceeds 260oC-265oC. When having absorbed water the liquid boils at a temperature of 160oC-175oC. Viscosity index at a temperature of -40oC does not exceed 700 cSt. The most popular products in this category are:
    • Brake Fluid DOT 4;
    • Brake Fluid DOT 4 Plus;
    • Brake Fluid DOT 5.1.
  5. Antifreezes. They decrease the probability of deposits, preventing the clogging of cooling system canals. They effectively protect its components from corrosion. Concentrated products do not freeze at temperature up to -69oC. They are eco-friendly since their composition does not include nitrites, amines and phosphates. They do not contain components that have corrosive effects on the sealing agents, hoses and lacquered surfaces. Additionally this category has products that protect various automobile units and parts from impact of extremely low temperature: additives to fuel and oil, liquids that prevent window frost. The following anti-freezes are most in demand:
    • Universal Kühlerschutz BS;
    • Glycostar-Kühlerschutz;
    • Glycostar ST48;
    • MPG Hightec-Trigard;
    • Türschloss-Enteiser.
  6. Liquids for conditioners. They provide reliable operation of the unit and have long replacement intervals. They include:
    • Aircool PAG 46;
    • Aircool PAG 150;
    • Aircool PAG 153.
  7. Greases. They are characterized by resistance to oxidation, impact of cold and hot water. They provide a reliable adhesion between contacting surfaces. They are used in bearings, rollers and other parts. The most popular among them are:
    • STU 2;
    • SEP 2 Hochdruckfett;
    • S-MOS 2.

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