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Stark Professional Line is a German trade mark, under which a wide range of auto parts is produced. It belongs to Stark Automotive Germany GmbH company.

The history of Stark Professional Line

The history of the brand traces back to 2013 when a company Stark Automotive Germany GmbH was established. Originally the company specialized in the production of braking system elements. Later the product line was expanded with suspension parts and fuel systems, engine components, cooling and ventilation systems as well as interior components.

All the car spares of Stark Professional Line are produced with the help of modern equipment and undergo a multilayered quality control. That is why their distinctive feature is a long service life. In order to accentuate this fact the manufacturer provides a three year warranty for all its car parts, whereas the majority of the companies gives only a two year warranty. At the moment the company products have taken up firm positions in the market of premium-class car parts. You can always buy auto parts by Stark Professional Line online on our website.

Car parts by Stark Professional Line

  1. Braking system elements. The category has brake disks, brake pads, brake calipers, elements of parking brakes, components of drum braking system, sensors and others. All the car parts are produced from first class raw materials, provide effective braking and increase the safety of the automobile.
  2. Engine components, fuel delivery system and exhaust system. Among them there are engine supports and fixtures, end caps, oil pans and choke plugs of the motor, air filters, valves, turbines, compressors, lambda probes, fuel pumps, tanks, pulleys, tension rollers, timing belts and so on. The car spares are noted for their durability and wear resistance properties, have a long service life.
  3. Steering and suspension parts. Stark Professional Line catalogue has a wide choice of steering rods and tie rod ends, ball joints, hub bearings, power steering pumps, springs, leaf springs, shock absorbers and shock absorber struts, wheel hubs, stub axles, arms, stabilizers and other products. All the auto parts can withstand high mechanical loads and are manufactured from raw materials resistant to corrosion. They provide great controllability of the vehicle.
  4. Transmission elements. They include drive shafts and their joints, clutches, clutch release bearings and so on. They are tested numerous times during the production process and that is why they are rock solid. They provide smoothness and noiselessness of the vehicle motion.
  5. Components of engine cooling systems and air conditioning. The category is represented by radiators, intercoolers, fans, condensers, cabin air filters and etc. They are noted for resistance to corrosion. They provide optimal engine cooling and comfortable microclimate in the cabin.
  6. Electrical equipment. Under Stark Professional Line brand a wide range of relays, sensors and control units for almost all the automotive systems is produced. The devices are noted for high precision, response to the smallest changes of the measurable indications and reliability. The company selling proposition also includes high voltage wires and ignition coils.
  7. Body and interior elements. The category includes window lifters, gas springs, electric engines of window wipers and other car parts. They have great quality and perfect performance properties.
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  • STARK Сar parts: Coil spring Coil spring
  • STARK Сar parts: Air filter Air filter
  • STARK Сar parts: Timing belt and water pump Timing belt and water pump
  • STARK Сar parts: Rear lights Rear lights
  • STARK Сar parts: Drive shaft Drive shaft
  • STARK Сar parts: Fuel filter Fuel filter
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