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SNR Сar parts

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SNR is a car bearing brand known in the whole world. At present, it belongs to the NTN-SNR group that is the European office of the Japanese NTN Corporation. SNR accounts for 30% of the total bearing production in Europe.

SNR Background

The history of the SNR brand dates back to 1916 when the bearing plant was established in Annecy, France. The founder of the company was Jacques Schmidt, a blacksmith from Switzerland. In the beginning the company’s products were known under the brand name SRO. Only in 1946 when the company was acquired by the French group Renault the components started being made under the brand SNR (Société Nouvelle de Roulements). By 1956 the plant had begun to work to full capacity: every day 42000 bearings came off the assembly lines.

At present, the company’s production centres are located worldwide: in France, Germany, Brazil, Romania, China, the USA, Italy and Japan. Since 2008, it has been a part of the NTN-SNR group. Since 2010, the common venture has had the name NTN-SNR Roulements. The company is the largest European supplier of original bearings for the assembly lines of car makers, and it also manufactures car parts for aftermarket. You can buy SNR car parts online for most car brands in our online store.

SNR Car parts:

  1. Hub bearings. This category consists of several series:
    • Single row. They are considered to be bearings of the zero generation. They can be tapered and roller-type. In mass production they are use less and less frequently as they require some adjustment, lubrication and outer seal installation.
    • HUB-I. Feature simple installation, do not require using any additional tools for tensioning. As rolling elements in the construction both balls and rollers can be used. In order to protect the inner elements from dirt and prevent lubricant from leaking out, seals can be optionally used.
    • HUB-II. These are fitted with a bore flange for attaching the bearing to a brake disc or wheel hub, allowing to reduce the size of the hub assembly. As a rule, in the construction of these components balls are used and the hub itself is made in the form of a solid cartridge and therefore is well protected from the impact of the environment.
    • HUB-III. They are fitted with two bore flanges to be attached both to a brake disc and to a wheel hub. High resistance to contamination. Feature easy mounting, centring and maintenance. HUB series bearings of all the three generations can be integrated with ASB sensors – these are tiny sensors that measure the wheel speed and send the data to control units of the corresponding systems.
    • HUB-IV. Differs from the previous series – HUB-III–in having installed CVUJ. Being lighter and more compact, they have a more rigid design. One of the advantages is their high serviceability.
  2. Gearbox bearings. Go through thermal and chemical processing that increases their resistance to abrasive particle, lubrication impact and peak load impacts. Besides, high quality transmission seals are also produced under the brand SNR.
  3. Suspension bearings. This category includes a wide product range. For MacPherson strut alone, the following SNR products are offered:
    • 134 slewing bearings kits for the KB struts.
    • 58 kinds of slewing bearings for the M struts.
    • 19 repair kits for KS suspension arms.
  4. Clutch bearings.
  5. Engine bearings.
  6. Alternator bearings.
  7. Starter bearings.
  8. Accessory drive belt rollers.
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  • Serpentine belt
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  • Poly v-belt kit
  • Timing chain
  • Timing chain kit
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  • Brake discs
  • ABS sensor
  • Strut mount
Engine cooling system
  • Water pump
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  • Wheel hub
  • Wheel bearing
  • Control arm repair kit
  • Performance brake discs
Wheel drive
  • Cv joint
  • Drive shaft
Reviews of SNR
SNR: Brand's rating


7.76 /10

Reviews - 1206

10 (299)
9 (322)
8 (301)
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Parameters rating +3278 Advantages Disadvantages 72-
Product cost +984 10-
Product quality +861 10-
Packaging quality +337 12-
Manufacturer +458 21-
Warranty +638 19-
Customer reviews
Reviews of Wheel bearing kit R177.32

Wheel bearing kit R177.32

I have SNR fitted already to the front and performing well been on for 4 years, and this is first replacement for the rear
Reviews of Tensioner pulley GA369.02

Tensioner pulley GA369.02

Perfect fit for my toyota avensis 2008 delivery to ireland,cant complain.
Reviews of Wheel bearing kit R168.75

Wheel bearing kit R168.75

Victor, was very helpful in finding the right part excellent service.
Reviews of Repair kit, suspension strut KB665.01

Repair kit, suspension strut KB665.01

I'd have preferred Sachs brand but they are much more expensive.
Reviews of Wheel bearing kit R157.43

Wheel bearing kit R157.43

itsgood and quality product..and i buy already and its good
Reviews of Repair kit, suspension strut KB677.05

Repair kit, suspension strut KB677.05

because i need to replace mine and these were the cheapest
Reviews of Alternator Freewheel Clutch GA767.00

Alternator Freewheel Clutch GA767.00

Germany printed on the product picture (not china)
Reviews of Top strut mount KBLF41815

Top strut mount KBLF41815

Good price and reliable service
Reviews of Repair kit, suspension strut KB689.13

Repair kit, suspension strut KB689.13

it was a fair price for my kia
Reviews of Repair kit, suspension strut KB668.48

Repair kit, suspension strut KB668.48

My front top mount has broken.
Reviews of Wheel bearing kit R174.70

Wheel bearing kit R174.70

Reviews of Wheel bearing kit R170.32

Wheel bearing kit R170.32

I wanted this brand
Reviews of Crankshaft pulley DPF351.03K1

Crankshaft pulley DPF351.03K1

Price & Availabilty
Reviews of Repair kit, suspension strut KB651.19
Reviews of Wheel bearing kit R157.26
Reviews of Wheel bearing kit R166.26
Reviews of Crankshaft pulley DPF350.01K1