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SCT Germany Сar parts

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SCT-GERMANY is a German brand of auto parts. It belongs to Sudheimer Car Technik-Vertriebs GmbH company that was founded in 1991 in Neumunster, Germany. Initially the company was involved in selling lubricating materials and then it started producing its own non-genuine car parts – filters, brake shoes, electrical lamps and other consumable materials. At present the company factories are located in Germany, Turkey and Lithuania and SCT-GERMANY car spares are popular not only in Europe but in countries of Latin America.

Car parts by SCT-GERMANY

  1. Filters
    • Air filters/ Due to the use of special paper they effectively purify air that enters the engine of contaminants. The configuration of corrugated paper provides even distribution of air flow. Metal mesh is used for protection from deformation in the structure of the filtering element.
    • Oil filters. They have a b body resistant to mechanical damage. They are supplied with anti-drain back valve that prevents the outflowing of oil to the case after the engine shutdown. As a result it provides timely lubrication of the motor components and its wear and tear is decreased. The basis of the filtering element is a cellulose paper impregnated with special substances that increase its resistance to the impact of corrosive chemical substances.
    • Fuel filters/ They are manufactured from special two-component paper reinforced with special synthetic fiber. It provides the fuel purification of foreign materials and contaminants as well as water.
    • Cabin air filters/ They effectively purify the air of dust, fungus and bacteria. In combined filters there is a layer of activated carbon which cleans the air from harmful chemical compounds.
    • Brake system dryers. They effectively absorb moisture, protecting brake system elements from oxidation.
  2. Brake pads and shoes/
    • Brake pads/ They are supplied with antinoise plates and have stable friction coefficient. They withstand temperature drops from -60 oC to +45 oC.
    • Brake shoes/ They are eco-friendly since they have no asbestos. They are manufactured with the use of Semi-Metallic technology which promotes better heat dissipation.
  3. Windshield wiper blades/ There are classic, hybrid and frameless blades presented in the company catalogue. In the structure of HYBRID wipers the manufacturer thoughtfully included a special enclosure that protects the car part from snow and icing.
  4. Automobile belts/ The category includes T-belts, V-belts and V-ribbed belts, tension rollers. They are manufactured from materials that are reinforced with elastic polyester cords resistant to stretching and chemical impact of oil products. They have excellent performance characteristics at any temperatures.
  5. Electrical equipment/ The category includes spark plugs and glow plugs, high voltage wires, automobile lamps, fuses. They all are noted for their long service life, efficiency and resistance to high temperatures.
  6. Bearings. They are manufactured from high quality alloy steel. They are characterized by resistance to wear and tear and mechanical damage.
  7. Shock absorbers. They demonstrate great properties during off-road driving or driving on low quality road surface. Sealing elements and glands are noted for high elasticity and provide reliable sealing action. In order to protect them from scratches and abrasive wear piston rods have chrome-plated coating.

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