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SASIC Сar parts

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Sasic is a French company involved in manufacturing of a wide range of auto parts. It is the largest in Europe manufacturer of rubber-metal parts for French automobiles. It is a part of SEVTI Group Corporation.

The history of Sasic Company

The history of Sasic brand started in 1927, when the company Santucci engaged in manufacturing of car parts for French automobiles was founded in France. In 1971 the company unified with Sicfa – a well-known French exporter of auto parts. As a result of their consolidation the company Sasic S.A. was formed.

At present the company specializes in production of rubber metal parts, elements of the suspension system, water hoses, pulleys and other car spares. It is also involved in clutch rebuilding. Since 2012 it has been a supplier of genuine steering mechanisms for electric cars. The company products are represented in more than 90 countries on five continents and belong to the mid-price segment.

A wide range of genuine car parts for vehicles of French brands – Citroen, Renault and Peugeot as well as for German and Japanese vehicles are produced under the brand Sasic. In addition to this the company catalogue offers non-genuine car spares for most well-known brands. If you wish to buy auto parts by Sasic online, we recommend you to use the services of our website.

Car parts by Sasic

  1. Rubber-metal parts. They are manufactured entirely from new, but not recovered rubber which guarantees great performance properties. It is characterized by resistance to stretching, ruptures, temperature deformations. They effectively decrease vibration and eliminate resonance.
  2. Suspension elements. They are noted for high quality, strength and their form and dimensions precisely match original equipment.
  3. Clutch. The company is involved in restoration of original equipment. In order to make the installation process easier the clutch elements are supplied with placement tools. Their quality is no worse than that of genuine car parts, but at the same time their cost is lower. Each year more than 100 000 clutch kits are restored in the factory in Fougères.
  4. Cooling system components. A wide range of water pumps, hoses and junction pipes are produced under the brand Sasic. All the car parts are manufactured from strong materials which are resistant to high pressure and temperature drop. Metal elements have high level of protection from corrosion. Rubber parts are characterized by resistance to crack formation and deformation.
  5. Braking system elements. The category has a wide choice of brake hoses (about 460 items), brake calipers and repair kits (more than 460 kinds), brake discs (more than 300 types).
  6. Car parts for valve train. The category is represented by tension rollers, V-ribbed and cogged belts. During their manufacturing modern materials resistant to wear and tear, breakaway and deformation are used. Belt cord has strengthened design.
  7. Electrical equipment. A wide range of alternator parts, coils and ignition modules, sensors, relays and switches are produced under the brand Sasic. It is noted for high sensitivity and response speed (for example, in case of a sudden engine shutdown the relay turns off the fuel pump and stops the supply of fuel within a second).
Catalogue of manufacturers SASIC online

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  • SASIC Сar parts: Clutch kit Clutch kit
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  • SASIC Сar parts: Wheel bearing Wheel bearing
  • SASIC Сar parts: Brake caliper Brake caliper
  • SASIC Сar parts: Timing belt kit Timing belt kit
  • SASIC Сar parts: Timing belt and water pump Timing belt and water pump
  • SASIC Сar parts: Drive shaft Drive shaft
  • SASIC Сar parts: Strut mount Strut mount
  • SASIC Сar parts: Anti-roll bar link Anti-roll bar link
  • SASIC Сar parts: Flywheel Flywheel
  • SASIC Сar parts: Serpentine belt Serpentine belt
  • SASIC Сar parts: Engine mount Engine mount
  • SASIC Сar parts: Water pump Water pump
  • SASIC Сar parts: Track rod end Track rod end
  • SASIC Сar parts: Ignition coil Ignition coil
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