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Sakura is a well-known brand of auto parts under which all types of filters for passenger and commercial transport are produced. It belongs to the group of ADR Group company. All car parts by Sakura are manufactured in plants of the corporation in Indonesia.

The history of Sakura Company

The history of the trademark goes back to 1970s when an Indonesian company ADR entered  mass production of filtering elements under the brand Sakura.

At present both factories where Sakura auto parts are manufactured are located in Indonesia, in Jakarta and Kota Tangerang. Every year in the working areas of the company over 100 000 000 filters are produced. The company makes both genuine car parts for vehicles of different brands and auto parts for the aftermarket.

The company products are represented in specialized shops and dealerships in 105 countries all over the world. Additionally you can buy Sakura auto parts online.

Car parts by Sakura

More than 7 000 various filters for passenger cars, cargo vehicles and special machinery are represented under the brand name Sakura. In their construction the company uses a self-engineered paper. The following types of filters are available for customers:

  • Oil filters. They provide effective oil purification from particulate materials, protecting the engine components from wear and tear. The reliable sealing between the piston and cylinder leads to a lower fuel consumption. They are meant for 10 000 kilometers mileage at average.
  • Fuel filters. They purify fuel of dirt and moisture and provide high level of fuel efficiency. Depending on the type and conditions of operation they are subject to replacement after 32 000 – 40 000 kilometers of mileage.
  • Air filters. They effectively entrap dust, dirt and foreign objects which are contained in the air that is directed to the intake system. Their resource is 10 000 – 12 000 kilometers. Additionally a wide range of air filters for sport automobiles is represented in the company catalogue. Their filtering element is manufactured from multilayered cotton material, from both sides of which there is a metal wire mesh. Such filters can operate for 5 000 kilometers of mileage.
  • Cabin air filters. Their construction includes a three layer filtering element which purifies the air directed into the saloon of allergic agents, ailing microorganisms, dust, as well as of unpleasant smells and gases. Depending on the operation conditions they can serve from 29 000 to 39 000 kilometers.
  • Hydraulic filters. They protect the cooling system elements from corrosion and prevent contamination of operating liquid.
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