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Online Сar parts catalog from SACHS PERFORMANCE

SACHS (ZF SRE) is a German company that is involved in production of car parts for sport and racing automobiles. It is a subsidiary enterprise of ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The company products are installed in many vehicles that participate in such racing competitions as “Formula-1” and World Rally Championship. They are also widely used by car tuning enthusiasts.

The history of SACHS (ZF SRE)

ZF Sachs Race Engineering department which is involved in development and manufacturing car parts for sport automobiles was opened in 1998 and has been a technical sponsor of many racing teams for almost two decades. Under the brand SACHS Performance the company produces a wide range of car parts for tuning. At present the company headquarters are located in Schweinfurt and the number of its employees has exceeded 85 people.

When developing new equipment the company gives special attention to three aspects:

  • Increasing the capacity of auto systems;
  • Reducing the weight of its elements;
  • Providing the ease of installation.

Ready auto parts are subject to thorough testing: first in artificially modelled operating conditions, after that with the use of electrical equipment.

The company products has gained their popularity in the whole world. Its main advantages – perfect quality, great technical characteristics and reliability. You can always buy SACHS (ZF SRE) auto parts in the online shop buycarparts.co.uk.

Car parts by SACHS (ZF SRE)

  • Clutch elements.
    1. Clutch discs.
      • Performance. They are characterized by high thermal resistance and are able to transfer a high drive torque. They have long service life and are noted for the ease of installation. Pads for discs are manufactured from high quality organic materials that have great friction properties.
      • Racing. They are equipped with ceramic metal plates that provide high friction coefficient and great resistance to ingress of dirt and oil. They are characterized by increased heat capacity. They are usually installed on racing automobiles.
    2. Clutch cover assembly.
      • Performance. They are manufactured from materials that are resistant to abrasion. They effectively transfer the torque at peak revolutions. They are noted for high heat capacity and downforce.
      • Racing. They have strong titanium body and carbon pads. They provide the transfer of torque of up to 900 N·m. Strong aviation alloys are used for manufacturing some elements. They are equipped with a clutch spring which is able to withstand short term temperature rises of up to 400oC.
    3. Clutch kits. Besides single car parts, the company catalogue offers clutch assemblies. They are noted for high efficiency, low weight and great area of friction. Up to 4 disks can be used in the Racing clutch structure.
  • Suspension components. The category has strut kits and shock absorbers both for tuning commercial vehicles and racing automobiles. You can find the following kits in the company catalogue:
    1. Performance. Their installation allows decreasing the body height from 25 to 50 mm and considerably increases the suspension ruggedness. Special dampening technology provides great vehicle roadability. Optimized friction properties protect the structure elements from wear and tear. They are noted by low weight: from 12 to 20 kg for the full kit of struts and shock absorbers.
    2. Racing. They are manufactured from aluminum and durable steel and have anti-friction coating. They are equipped with a zero clearance ball bearings. They are extremely light: the weight of ready-assembled holders and shock absorbers is within 2.8-6.2 kgs.
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