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Presto – is a well-known German brand under which a wide range of technical aerosols, lubricating materials and other automobile chemicals is produced. It belongs to Motip Dupli Group Company.

The History of Presto Company

The history of the brand Presto goes back to 1998, when as the result of three companies consolidation Motip Dupli Group was formed. It included a Swiss company, Vogelsang AG, formed in 1946, a Dutch manufacturer of automobile chemistry, MoTip B.V., established in 1967, and a German company, VoMo Corporation that had been existed in the market since 1996. The trademark Presto was officially established in 2004.

At present Motip Dupli Group concern is an owner of 3 factories and 12 distribution centers. Its products are popular in 137 countries all over the world. If you wish to assure yourself of its high quality, we recommend you to buy Presto aerosols in our online shop.

Presto products

  1. Cleaning and protection products. This category includes the following items:
    • Anti-corrosion products for car mechanics and electrical contacts. Special  impregnations, the composition of which includes agents that slow down the corrosion as well as have a water repellent effect. They prevent the accumulation of dirt on the surface of electric contacts. Additionally the brand produces electric protectors – dehydrating agents that are noted for their high efficiency during extreme temperature and one hundred percent air humidity.
    • V-belt protection products. They increase the elasticity of the material out of which the components are made, promotes longer service life of driving belts.
    • Car polishes based on wax. They are suitable for processing of both mechanical components in the underhood space and external parts of the body. Thin film effectively protects metal parts from moisture impact and road salt.
    • Protection remedies for rodent control. It is smeared on the surface of the car parts in the underhood space and in possible places of the vermin intrusion. Their main advantages are high efficiency, hydrophobic properties and resistance to corrosive chemical agents.
    • Sprays for detection of Freon leaks. They let you discover the intactness of conditioning system elements. They are easy to use and do not contain highly flammable components. They also create additional protection from corrosion.
    • Interior cleaning products. They effectively remove dirt from fabric and leather surface. They have unobtrusive scent. They are hypoallergenic.
  2. Lubricating materials for metal and rubber-metal products.
    • Vaseline. They are suitable for coating screw joints, terminals, lock components and other surfaces. They have great anti-corrosion properties and do not cause irritations in direct contact with skin.
    • Copper. They are used for protection of engine components, spark plug components, and components of braking system from moisture impact, corrosive acids and alkali. They are effective at extreme temperatures – from -40 to +100 degrees.
    • Teflon. They considerably decrease the friction coefficient of contacting surfaces, maintain working properties at temperature of -50 to +250 degrees.
    • Silicon. They protect rubber elements from the devastating impact of chemical agents and high temperature.
    • Ceramic. They withstand temperatures of up to 1600 degrees and contain anti-sticking components. They prevent inflammation and melting of elements of anti-lock and traction control systems.
  3. Degreasing liquids. They are suitable for cleaning engine components, conditioning and braking systems from carbon deposits and dirt. They do not cause any destructive effect on rubber sealing elements.
  4. Varnish and paint products. Presto catalogue offers a wide choice of aerosols and wet paints. They do not only give the vehicle attractive appearance but also reliably protect it from corrosive environment effects and mechanical damage.
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