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PRASCO Сar parts

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Prasco – is the biggest distributor of body parts and lighting elements in Europe for cars produced in Europe and Japan. Founded in 1988, at present the company has its warehouses in Italy, Spain, Germany, Croatia and Great Britain. The central company office is located in Turin, Italy. More than 30 000 items from a great number of well-known car manufacturers are represented in the company catalogue.

Car parts by Prasco

  1. Body parts. This category includes bumpers, radiator grilles, headlight coating, fenders, hoods, engine case covers and so on. They are all noted for long service life and precisely follow the shape and dimensions of original equipment. Metal parts have galvanized coating that prevents the appearance of corrosion. Plastic bumpers before coloration undergo processing with open flame which provides better paint adhesion.
  2. Lighting. A wide range of head lighting, tail lights, turn indicators, fog lights and other lighting devices are presented in Prasco catalogue. Their fasteners are the same as those of the original ones and that is why their installation does not cause you any difficulties. Thanks to the high quality of sealing pieces the internal elements of the headlights are well protected from moisture and dirt.
  3. Engine cooling components and air conditioning. This category has radiators, condensers, intercoolers, fans and other parts. Their main advantage is resistance to pressure fluctuations and mechanical defects.
  4. Exterior mirrors. They are noted for high quality production, resistant to temperature fluctuations and moisture. They provide optimal visibility and do not distort the reflected elements.

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Prasco Company thoroughly checks and tests every car part. That is why the brand name is always associated with high quality and reliability. Close collaboration with manufacturers and exclusive distribution rights allow Prasco to sell its products at affordable prices. But if you wish to save even more money on your purchase, we recommend doing it in the online shop Special offers on our website are constantly updated and you can buy the necessary part of the most favorable terms. We always meet the needs of customers and that is why we offer only high quality service: rapid delivery and competent assistance of our specialists.

Catalogue of manufacturers PRASCO online

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PRASCO | Control arm

PRASCO | Headlights

PRASCO | Rear lights

  • PRASCO Сar parts: Wiper blades Wiper blades
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Wing mirror Wing mirror
  • PRASCO Сar parts: AC compressor AC compressor
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Radiator Radiator
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Tailgate struts Tailgate struts
  • PRASCO Сar parts: AC condenser AC condenser
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Window regulator Window regulator
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Suspension ball joint Suspension ball joint
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Heater blower motor Heater blower motor
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Door lock Door lock
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Radiator fan Radiator fan
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Turbo intercooler Turbo intercooler
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Glass for wing mirror Glass for wing mirror
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Coolant expansion tank Coolant expansion tank
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Side indicators Side indicators
  • PRASCO Сar parts: Wheel arch liner Wheel arch liner
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  • Heater blower motor
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  • Control arm
  • Suspension ball joint
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Customer reviews
Reviews of Wheel arch liner RN4243614

Wheel arch liner RN4243614

Excellent product, fit perfectly and is made of vastly superior plastic to the original Renault part. Excellent price and delivery. I'd have no hesitation ordering again, except this is a better part than the one it replaced so I'm not expecting this needing to be replaced!
Reviews of Wheel arch liner TY0893604

Wheel arch liner TY0893604

It's an easy website for an old man! Found what I was looking for at a good price-would not now bother looking anywhere else for any bits and pieces I need.
Reviews of Radiator Grille FT9202001

Radiator Grille FT9202001

Excellent deal and no hassle in finding what you want, now just waiting on the the delivery and looking forward to seeing the product.
Reviews of Wheel arch liner PG4283604

Wheel arch liner PG4283604

it was the item I needed to replace the existing part.
Reviews of Wheel arch liner AA2103603

Wheel arch liner AA2103603

It looks like correct part and reasonable price
Reviews of Radiator Grille RN3252004

Radiator Grille RN3252004

Best price and easiest web site to use. JR.
Reviews of Wheel arch liner ME4403603

Wheel arch liner ME4403603

because good value and a good make
Reviews of Radiator Grille HD0462001

Radiator Grille HD0462001

It was a competitive price.
Reviews of Wheel arch liner AD0203604

Wheel arch liner AD0203604

Good customer relationship
Reviews of Wheel arch liner VG0543613

Wheel arch liner VG0543613

Mine is smashed
Reviews of Wheel arch liner AA0903604
Reviews of Wheel arch liner FD1073603