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Philips is a Dutch company which produces electrical equipment for various manufacturing sectors. In the field of automobile production the company has gained the reputation of the manufacturer of qualitative and reliable lighting units. Products of the brand belongs to the premium class.

The history of Philips Company

The history of the trademark began in 1891 when Frederik Philips together with his son, Gerard, established the company Philips & Co in Eindhoven, Netherlands. 4 years later Frederik’s younger son, Anton Philips, also joined the family business. It didn’t take him long to show his spirit of enterprise. In 1898 he entered into a contract for delivery of 50000 lamps for chandeliers of the Winter Palace in Russia.

Since 1914 the company began to produce lighting units for automobiles. 2 years later Philips was given the title of the royal enterprise. But the transformation of the family business into the leading light supplier took place some time later, after the Second World War. The company started the production of TV sets (1949), halogen lamps for cars (1960), compact cassettes (1963). In 1980 the Dutch company developed the first compact fluorescent lamps for home use.

Nowadays the company has three main activity areas: health care, consumer goods and lighting. Philips supplies with its lighting units aftermarkets and the assembly lines of such automobile manufacturers as: BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Volkswagen, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, Opel, Honda and so on. To buy Philips car spares online and at reasonable prices, use our online store.

Car parts by Philips

Halogen lamps for forward lighting.

  • Vision. Their capacity is 30% more compared with a usual lamp.
  • Vision Plus. Their capacity is 60% more in comparison with a standard lamp.
  • X-treme Vision. Their capacity is 130% more compared with a usual lamp.
  • White Vision. It imitates white xenon light that lets to provide a driver with clear visibility at night.
  • LongLifeEco Vision. The service life of such lamps is 4 times more in comparison with a standard automotive lamp.
  • Color Vision. Philips produces lamps with yellow, purple, green and blue colour range.

Xenon lamps for forward lighting.

  • Vision. There are standard lamps.
  • White Vision. Lamps of the category can imitate bright white LED lighting.
  • X-treme Vision. Products of the category can produce about 50% more of light.

LED interior lighting X-treme Vision. Service life of such lamps is 12 years. Philips makes LED lighting units producing warm white, white and cold blue light.

Standard interior lamps and warning lamps. The Dutch company provides with direction indicator lamps, front marker light bulbs, fog lamps, lighting units for the control panel and car interior.

LED daytime running lamps DayLight 9. The set includes 9 LED lighting units with fasteners. The width of beam light of such lamps is 150% wider than usual lighting units have.

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Bulb, spotlight 12258PRC1 Review

Bulb, spotlight 12258PRC1

Same as the one that came of my car that I'm replacing because of differential beam allinement that would accour to the other side.very good value for money.thank you.
Bulb, spotlight 9005PRC1 Review

Bulb, spotlight 9005PRC1

Know make of bulb at a reasonable cost
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