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PEX Сar parts

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Pex is one of leading manufacturers of electronic sensors for braking systems.

The history of Pex Company

Pex Company was founded in 1978 in Germany and now it has its own factories both in Germany and Hungary. In the USA there is a distribution centre which controls the sale of car parts in North and Latin America. The company headquarters are located in Nufringen, Germany.

The company is a supplier of genuine car spares for the automobile production in Daimler AG, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche and General Motors. It also produces non-genuine car parts and provides with brake system elements such companies as Brembo, Akebono, Continental Teves, Nisshinbo, Bosch, Akebono, Delphi, PBR, TRW, Federal Mogul, Honeywell, TMD Friction. Under the brand Pex there are more than 1000 items of car spares in sale.  

Pex Group also includes the branch company Pex Vakuumtechnik which is engaged in the production of car foot pads, various plastic and rubber products. You can always buy Pex car parts through the Internet in our online store.

Car parts by Pex

  1. Gauges and sensors.
    • ABS sensors. The range of Pex sensors satisfies 71% of market requirements for auto parts of cars produced after 1985. One of the main advantages of Pex ABS sensors is that it can be set directly into the locking hub. It will be an additional protection of sensor elements from environmental stress.
    • Brake Pad Wear Sensors. Pex sensors are almost unrivalled in the aftermarket. They are made of modern high temperature resistant materials using die casting technology. The company produces either mechanical or electrical sensors.
  2. Cable products. During the wire production Pex uses ultrasonic welding technology which makes products more durable as well as hot melt glue for qualitative insulation.
  3. Disc brake rotors. They are produced from the material with heat resistance up to 800 °C. Pex disc brake rotors are covered with eco-friendly anti-rust compound without any petroleum products.

Under the brand Pex you can also find such products as handbrake cables, brake hoses, clutch and throttle cables, ignition coils, elements for drum brakes, steering system and suspension, relays and switches.

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