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Pascal is a brand of auto parts under which  suspension, transmission and steering control elements are sold. The Polish company Inter Cars S.A. is involved in distribution of products under the brand Pascal. Pascal spare parts are characterized by high quality and affordable price. They are suitable for most vehicles produced in Japan, Korea, Europe and America.

Car parts by Pascal

  1. Transmission elements. In this category every customer will find internal and external CV joints, lubricating materials for CV joints, dust caps, driveshaft joints, flexible joints and other car parts. Constant-velocity joints provide a precise torque transfer between the drive elements even if they are located at 40o angle. High quality alloy steel with addition of admixtures that increase durability and capacity of parts are used for their manufacturing. Each component is subject to the multilayer testing, as the part of which compliance of its size to original equipment and anti-friction properties of frictionless bearing elements are checked. Dust caps used in CV joints are characterized by high durability. They reliably hold the lubricating material preventing the wear and tear of contacting surfaces.
  2. Steering control. This category is represented by a wide range of steering rack dust caps. They all have corrugated surface and are noted for their wear resistance.
  3. Dust cover kits. Every kit includes two dust boots, collars and lubricating material.

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PASCAL Bellow, steering I6F019PC Review

PASCAL Bellow, steering I6F019PC

As soon as I open the website , automatically there was a supportive person on line to help me , taking the chassis Nr. and she was trying to search my request.. What an awesome service they have .. really cooperative and helpful , with good prices as well
PASCAL Bellow, steering I6F019PC Review

PASCAL Bellow, steering I6F019PC

Really it is a helpful company with their (on line) attending person to receive my inquiry with good prices and awesome quick service. I strongly recommend them.
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