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The German company “Osram” is one of the leading manufacturers of lighting units in the world. The brand is famous for high quality and reliability of its products. Lighting technologies by Osram belong to the premium class.

The history of Osram Company

The trademark was established for production and sale of general service lamps in 1906. 13 years later as the result of amalgamation between three German lighting manufacturers: AEG, Deutsche Gasglühlicht AG and Siemens & Halske AG a new firm Osram was established in Berlin. The company became the main lamp supplier in Germany.

In 1937 Osram began to produce fluorescent lamps which were at once awarded the Gold medal at the international exhibition in Paris in the same year. In 1978 the company became a subsidiary enterprise of Siemens concern.

In 1998 Osram buy a light manufacturing business from ECE Industries India Ltd. In 2009 TRAXON Technologies was bought, and two years later the company purchased Siteco. These acquisitions let the company broaden its product range and strengthen its market position. In 2013 the firm withdrew from Siemens and one year later the company income was $5,1bn.

Osram has 48 branch companies in 17 different countries all over the world. The company produces original and non-original equipment.

In our online shop you can purchase Osram car parts online.

Car parts by Osram

Osram produces four categories of automotive lighting:

  • Lamps with improved efficiency. Osram guarantees reliability and quality of products belonged to the category as well as their improved efficiency in comparison with lightning units of other trademarks. The category includes xenon and halogen lamps for forward lighting and LED lamps for fog lamps.
  • Designer lamps. The given category has LED, halogen and xenon lamps for exterior lighting as well as products for interior LED lighting. Designer lighting by Osram makes your car unique due to a great range of colours which such lighting units have.
  • Original lamps: Osram produces xenon and halogen original lamps for most of car brands. The category includes head lamps, interior lamps and lamps for marker lights.
  • Lamps with Ultra Life technology. Osram guarantees that the durability of such lighting units lasts three times longer in comparison with usual lamps. Ultra Life technology is used for the production of lamps for head and marker lights.
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  • OSRAM car parts: Headlight bulb Headlight bulb
  • OSRAM car parts: Fog light bulb Fog light bulb
  • OSRAM car parts: Interior lights Interior lights
  • OSRAM car parts: Daytime running light Daytime running light
  • OSRAM car parts: Rear lights Rear lights
  • OSRAM car parts: Side indicators Side indicators
  • OSRAM car parts: Reverse light Reverse light
  • OSRAM car parts: Position light Position light
  • OSRAM car parts: Dashboard Dashboard
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Customer reviews
Bulb, spotlight 64176 Review

Bulb, spotlight 64176

It's an exact replacement for my VW SV H15 bulbs. Other websites didn't correctly advice the type of bulb required. Always check existing bulbs before ordering.
Bulb, instrument lighting 2722MF Review

Bulb, instrument lighting 2722MF

OSRAM is another German quality product that has been around for many years.
Bulb, spotlight 66140CLC Review

Bulb, spotlight 66140CLC

It had good reviews and good value for money
Bulb, instrument lighting 2352MFX6 Review

Bulb, instrument lighting 2352MFX6

I hope its the right one, low cost
Bulb, interior light 2721 Review
Bulb, spotlight 64210 Review
Bulb, spotlight 64210CBI Review
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