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NRF is a popular Holland brand, under which original and non-original products are manufactured for the aftermarket as well as components for marine and rail vehicles. NRF is a subsidiary company of a large Indian corporation Banco Products India Ltd. Together with high-end car parts under the brand NRF, low-end products are also manufactured. Online store offers to buy NRF car parts online with the guaranty of quality.

NRF Background

The history of the brand began in 1927 in Amsterdam, when R. Bloksma established Nederlandse Radiateuren Fabriek. It was primarily engaged in repairing of radiators, but in 30s, the company organized its own production. In 1954, the second plant was opened in Mill, the Netherlands, where they started making radiators for export. In the following years the NRF company produced original equipment for Volvo 300 and 400 series cars and some other popular vehicle models of the leading manufactures.

A the beginning of 80s, the producer started strengthening its market position in Europe and opened its first subsidiary abroad in Valenciennes, France. In 1989, the NRF factory entered Modine Manufacturing Company – an American leader in the sphere of heat transfer technologies. Later, the NRF company extended its product range with aluminium heat exchangers. Since 2010 NRF has belonged to Banco Products India Ltd.

Today, the NRF company specialises in developing, manufacturing and selling automotive cooling systems. Company’s production sites are located across Western Europe: in the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Spain and other countries. Its product range accounts for more than 11000 items.

NRF Car Parts

  1. Radiators. The NRF company designs and manufactures reliable radiators for various uses that, as a rule, run without any failures under maximum load conditions.
  2. Components of air conditioning systems. More than 2000 high quality parts are represented in the NRF catalogue. Under the brand the following car parts are produced:
    • condensers;
    • compressors;
    • air dryers;
    • evaporators, etc.
    For each of its conditioner components NRF offers a mounting kit Easy Fit. It contains radiator caps, pipe clamps, gasket, adapters, terminating plugs and other components than help to install quickly this or that part.
  3. Fans. Serve to cool radiators and condensers. The NRF company also offers electromagnetic controlled fan clutches. Made according to modern standards, they have the following advantages:
    • controlled by motor management system;
    • react immediately to fan switching-on and -off;
    • lower fuel consumption;
    • minimize level of engine noise;
    • meet Euro 6 emission standards.
  4. Air coolers (intercoolers). Intended for commercial vehicles. Cool the air that enters the inlet manifold. Provide better fuel combustion, therefore increasing engine power and torque.
  5. Oil coolers. Installed into passenger and commercial vehicles, agricultural machines. Cool oil and fluids in engines, gearboxes, power steering and other automotive equipment. Alongside standard equipment, NRF makes bar and plate coolers intended to work in extreme temperatures and under high pressure.
  6. Gaskets. Made of high quality materials, thus feature long life-cycle. Provide airtight connection of the parts and also prevent them from wearing out prematurely.
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