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NK Сar parts, Car detailing

Online Сar parts, Car detailing catalog from NK

NK is a German brand, under which a wide range of car parts is produced. 98% of NK products are intended to European vehicle models.

NK Background

The history of the NK brand dates back to 1934, when the Nordjysk Kobling company was established. In 2000, the company entered the OBTEC group that since 2003 has been called SBS (Scandinavian Brake Systems A/S).

Today, Nordjysk Kobling owns several plants in Denmark and Germany. The NK Autoteile Deutschland GmbH branch deals with car parts distribution in Germany, Eastern European and Central Asian countries. In the central warehouse located in Eisenach, Germany, there are about 80000 items with high demand in stock.

The company’s products are intended to the aftermarket and are not supplied for the production lines of car-manufacturers. Apart from the car parts produced by the SBS company, under the NK brand other manufacturers’ goods can be sold. You can buy NK Car Parts Online on our website. Their main advantages are affordable price and high quality that is proved by manufacturer's guarantee. 

NK Car parts:

  1. Braking system components. This category includes:
    • 1200 items of standard and high efficient brake discs;
    • 1000 items of brake pads;
    • 300 types of brake drums;
    • 450 items of brake shoes;
    • 2000 kinds of calipers;
    • 1200 items of brake hoses.

    All car parts are made of durable materials and comply with environmental standards. In order to protect discs from corrosion while transporting and storing, they are covered with an ultra-thin aluminium-zinc coating. High-carbon brake discs are often installed in BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen cars.

  2. Suspension and transmission parts. This category includes steering mechanisms, stabiliser bars, suspension arms and links, ball-joints and protective dust boots. Made of high quality materials resistant to aggressive environment conditions. For example, dust seals preserve their flexibility at low temperatures.
  3. Clutch parts. This category includes kits, clutch covers and discs, clutch bearings, clutch cylinders, hoses and cables. In the NK catalogue, there are also dual-mass flywheels that dampen powertrain vibrations effectively.
  4. Shock absorbers. Apart from the pre-assembled shock absorbers, under the brand NK, coil springs, strut mounting bearings and protective kits are produced. They are good dampers and identical in shape to OE.
  5. Bearing kits. Contain everything necessary to install a bearing.
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