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Motul is one of world leaders in the production of lubricants for cars and motorcycles. Produces high-end products.

Motul Background

The history of the brand Motul began in 1853, when in the USA, Swan & Finch Oil Co was founded. The company produced lubricants based on whale grease for steamers and steam trains. In 1932, European car owners received the opportunity to get acquainted with the Motul product range: the French distributor Supra Penn headed by Ernst Zaugg started to import Swan & Finch products into Europe.

In 1953, on its 100th anniversary the company produced Motul Century – the first multi-grade oil on the European market intended for engine lubrication. In 1957, the company’s office in America was closed because of the crisis. In 1965, all the rights for the brand were bought out by Ernst Zaugg, who opened production facilities in France where all Motul lubricants have been produced up to the present moment.

Today, the company owns eight divisions that distribute its products in more than 100 world’s countries. In our online store you can buy Motul lubricants online at your convenience.

Motul Products

  1. Motor oils. This category presents both synthetic and mineral lubricants. All these products feature excellent energy-efficiency, corrosion-resistance and cleansing properties. Do not produce any harmful effect on seals. Technosynthese® lubricants can reduce engine wear after long-term usage. Motul catalogue also includes lines of motor oils intended for sports cars. Their main peculiarities are resistance to high-temperature corrosion and stable viscosity index.
  2. Gear oils and transmission fluids. Reduce the wear coefficient of transmission components dramatically, provide smooth gear changing. At low temperatures preserve their viscosity providing effective and noiseless transmission work. Do not get oxidized when contacting non-ferrous metals. Due to synthetic base, lubricant film withstands well high temperatures and pressure.
  3. Brake fluids. Wet boiling point of Motul fluids is 205 °C and their dry boiling point is 312 °C. Such high rates prevent vapour locks that appear when brake fluid starts boiling, and provide effective braking even under extreme conditions. Due to thoroughly chosen components, do not produce any harmful effect on seals.
  4. Coolants. This category includes ready-to-use fluids, additives and concentrates.Their advantages are high cooling performance and thermal exchange qualities. Due to silicates and organic acids contained, prevent corrosion.
  5. Hydraulic fluids. Their unique composition prevents foaming while running and provides noiseless auto system work.
  6. Maintenance and care products. This category is represented by washing liquids, shampoos, degreasers for brake system components and other products that not only clean your vehicle but also create additional protection from corrosion and mechanical damage.
  7. Greases. Efficient in severe conditions including overloads, high temperatures and humidity, long-term use. Reduce friction coefficient, protect parts from wearing out. Preserve excellent performance properties in temperature range from -30 °C to +150 °C.
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