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MEYLE is a trademark of auto parts that belongs to Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG. Under this brand, they produce high quality low-end parts for passenger and commercial vehicles. You can buy MAYLE car parts online at affordable price in our online store

MEYLE Background

The Wulf Gaertner Autoparts company was founded in 1958 by Wulf Gaertner. At first, it exported car parts made by German firms into Latin American countries and in 1995, it started its own production. At present, under the brand MEYLE, steering, chassis, brake system components and other parts are produced.

In 2002, the Wulf Gaertner Autoparts company was the first to introduce the reinforced auto components MEYLE-HD. They feature improved specifications and prolonged life-cycle, therefore are in great demand in the world’s aftermarket. A four-year guarantee proves car parts to be reliable. Nowadays, the Wulf Gaertner Autoparts company makes about 21000 of auto components, 750 of which are MEYLE-HD series products.

MEYLE products are represented in 120 world’s countries. The number of company’s employees makes up nearly 1000 people.

MEYLE Car parts

MEYLE car parts feature easy installation, durability and high-functional regardless of road and weather conditions. The product range of the brand includes the following parts:

  1. Steering and chassis elements. Improve road stability, provide excellent steering and manoeuvrability. This category is represented by the following products:
    • control arms;
    • axial joints;
    • tie rods;
    • tie rod ends;
    • rear axle struts;
    • steering rack boots;
    • stabilizer and control arm kits;
    • repair kits.
  2. Brake system components. Include innovation MEYLE Platinum brake discs and pads. These components are corrosion resistant, have high friction coefficient, do not contain any copper or heavy metal compounds. The product range also includes:
    • drums;
    • hoses;
    • wheel and brake master cylinders;
    • wear indicators.
  3. Drive components. Under the brand, the following car parts are produced:
    • wheel hubs;
    • constant-velocity joint sets;
    • ABS sensor rings;
    • steering knuckles;
    • drive shaft sets;
    • boots.
  4. Suspension components. Dampen vibrations well, increasing riding comfort. The product range includes:
    • shock absorbers;
    • coil springs and rubber buffers;
    • dust protector kits;
    • hydraulic accumulators;
    • bellows.
  5. Filters. Provide clean air and operating fluids. The product range includes such filters as:
    • oil filters;
    • air filters;
    • fuel filters.
  6. Cooling system components. Draw heat from the engine providing its correct and flawless running. Used in air conditioners. This category of car parts includes:
    • water pumps;
    • extension tanks;
    • thermostats;
    • radiator hoses and other parts.
  7. Electric equipment. Provide work process automation of a vehicle. The Wulf Gaertner Autoparts produces:
    • control units;
    • multifunction relays;
    • steering-column switches;
    • ignition coils, etc.
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