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Metzger is a famous auto parts brand. It belongs to the German company Werner Metzger GmbH and is very popular both in Europe and in other parts parts of the world.

This brand name is a symbol of high quality and reliability. Werner Metzger GmbH company, established in 1980, over a few decades managed to win recognition in the whole world. Metzger car parts fit both widely-spread car brands and high-end models such as Maybach, Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati.

Metzger Car parts

In the Metzger catalogue there are more than 20000 items. Under this brand the following components are sold:

  1. Glow plugs. Represented in the comprehensive assortment. Metzger glow plugs fit 96% of all diesel cars.
  2. Cooling system components. This product category includes fans, resistors, control units, regulators and compressors.
  3. Engines and accompanying components flanges for central injection, flexible hoses, rubber buffers, pumps, valves and oil separators.
  4. Electric equipment. Under this brand, Metzger supplies more than 4000 items. These are various sensors, flow meters, ignition coils, EGR-valves, switches and other equipment.
  5. Belt transmissions. Most of the belts sold under the Metzger brand are made by the Dayco company that has gained an excellent reputation in European market.
  6. Air conditioning components. The product range includes parts for high and low pressure lines as well as various seals.
  7. Charging intake pipes and hoses. Withstand high pressure, resistant to temperature changes. Have the same high quality as OE. Have a mark with a production date on them.
  8. Suspension and steering components. There are nearly 3500 items represented for European and Japanese car-makers.
  9. Braking system components. Brake pads are made of durable materials. Between the braking pad and friction pad, there is a special mediator that helps to flow the heat out. Brake discs made of high-carbon steel reduce vibrations and noise to the minimum, are highly efficient.
  10. Body parts. Window raisers, gas springs, wipers, door rollers and guides are made of high quality materials and fit almost all vehicles.

Buy Metzger Car parts online.

It’s quite easy to get confused with such a wide range of Metzger car parts. We are fully aware of it, that’s why our competent specialists are ready to help every customer. We deal only with leading manufacturers therefore we do our best to make our services comply with the brand reputation. Among our main advantages are affordable prices and fast delivery.

Original top quality, low-priced car parts and spare parts from METZGER METZGER original products bestsellers

METZGER | Windscreen wiper arm

METZGER | Brake discs

METZGER | Coil springs

  • METZGER car parts: Tailgate struts Tailgate struts
  • METZGER car parts: Anti roll bar links Anti roll bar links
  • METZGER car parts: Brake hose Brake hose
  • METZGER car parts: Wiper linkage Wiper linkage
  • METZGER car parts: Shock absorber Shock absorber
  • METZGER car parts: Wheel hub Wheel hub
  • METZGER car parts: Coolant sensor Coolant sensor
  • METZGER car parts: Brake pads Brake pads
  • METZGER car parts: Wheel bearing Wheel bearing
  • METZGER car parts: V ribbed belt V ribbed belt
  • METZGER car parts: Brake disc back plate Brake disc back plate
  • METZGER car parts: Track rod end Track rod end
  • METZGER car parts: Coolant expansion tank Coolant expansion tank
  • METZGER car parts: Control arm Control arm
  • METZGER car parts: Window regulator Window regulator
  • METZGER car parts: Parking sensors Parking sensors
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Customer reviews
Sensor, coolant temperature 0905165 Review

Sensor, coolant temperature 0905165

Have purchased items made by this company before and found them to be a perfect fit and reliable.
Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190075 Review

Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190075

You had one in stock and the price is competitive, hopefully the delivery time will be as good!
Brake Disc 6110627 Review

Brake Disc 6110627

i choose all of these products on a personal homeboys advice. each an everyone! thks guys!
Sensor, coolant temperature 0905153 Review

Sensor, coolant temperature 0905153

it was listed for my peugeot 307 sw 1.6 diesel
Brake Disc 6110463 Review

Brake Disc 6110463

Good Quality and price used this product befor
Wiper Gear, window cleaner 2190161 Review

Wiper Gear, window cleaner 2190161

you had a good selection at reasonable prices
Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190304 Review

Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190304

my brother uses this site and says its good
Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190311 Review

Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190311

Ours had been snapped off by a monkey
Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190296 Review

Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190296

Expecting good soon,good work
Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190328 Review

Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190328

It looks a good quality part
Drive Arm, wiper linkage 2190117 Review

Drive Arm, wiper linkage 2190117

good quality products :)
Rod / Strut, stabiliser 53000418 Review

Rod / Strut, stabiliser 53000418

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Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190283 Review
Wiper Arm, windscreen washer 2190251 Review
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