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MEAT & DORIA Сar parts

Online Сar parts catalog from MEAT & DORIA

Meat&Doria is a well-known Italian manufacturer of auto parts. The company car spares catalogue has more than 10 000 items for the aftersales service of vehicles. Meat&Doria components are suitable for most cars produced in Europe, America and Asia.

The history of Meat&Doria Company

The history of the brand goes back to 1945 when the company M.E.A.T. was established in Italy. Its founder was A.Lorenzi who decided to start a company engaged in selling auto parts. Initially the company was involved in the distribution of elements for electrical systems and afterwards the production of own products, car parts for carburetors was set.

In 1985 the company merged with an Italian filter manufacturer, Doria. Since then the company specializes in production of electronic equipment, injection systems and spare parts for carburetors, as well as in manufacturing of all types of filters. The factory and the company central warehouse are located in Turin ( it. Torino), Italy.

All the components of the brand satisfy the generally accepted European quality standards and are noted for their low cost. In the catalogue you can find not only the products for vehicles produced in the recent years but also auto parts for old car models, for example, repair kits for carburetors, which are difficult to find with other manufacturers. You can always buy Meat&Doria parts online on our website.

Car parts by Meat&Doria

  • Filters;
  • Ignition coils and ignition modules;
  • Fuel pumps;
  • Elements of fuel injection system;
  • Vacuum pumps;
  • ABS sensors;
  • Oxygen sensors and catalytic converters;
  • Sensors;
  • Thermostats.

All parts are produced from high quality raw materials and undergo the multi-level testing to check its compliance with original equipment. Fuel pumps are often supplied in sets with coarse mesh filters and sealing elements which make the installation easier and protects all the elements of the system from wear and tear.

Original top quality, low-priced car parts and spare parts from MEAT & DORIA MEAT & DORIA original products bestsellers

MEAT & DORIA | Oil filter

MEAT & DORIA | Fuel filter

MEAT & DORIA | Pollen filter

  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Fuel pump Fuel pump
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Air filter Air filter
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: EGR valve EGR valve
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Ignition coil Ignition coil
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Engine thermostat Engine thermostat
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Crankshaft sensor Crankshaft sensor
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Turbo control valve Turbo control valve
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Lambda sensor Lambda sensor
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Idle air control valve Idle air control valve
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Throttle body Throttle body
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Brake vacuum pump Brake vacuum pump
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: ABS sensor ABS sensor
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Fuel pressure regulator Fuel pressure regulator
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Fuel injectors Fuel injectors
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Glow plug relay Glow plug relay
  • MEAT & DORIA car parts: Crankcase breather Crankcase breather
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Exhaust system
  • Oil filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Pollen filter
  • Air filter
Ignition / preheating
  • Ignition coil
  • Glow plug relay
Light bulbs
Reviews of MEAT & DORIA
MEAT & DORIA: Brand's rating


7.75 /10

Reviews - 1797

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Packaging quality +49 2-
Manufacturer +61 4-
Warranty +82 3-
Customer reviews
Fuel filter 4973 Review

Fuel filter 4973

My car (A13DTC) is overdue a fuel filter change, and I have read Meat & Doria have a good reputation.
Fuel Feed Unit 77640E Review

Fuel Feed Unit 77640E

I heard it was a vg company for high quality items and good promp service
EGR Valve 88377 Review

EGR Valve 88377

great website, clear part number matching and very competitive price
Ignition Coil 10745 Review

Ignition Coil 10745

this product is to replace a faulty one
Pressure Converter, exhaust control 9196 Review

Pressure Converter, exhaust control 9196

it is a good price on your website.
Fuel Pump 77513 Review

Fuel Pump 77513

It was for Volvo v70 AWD
Ignition Coil 10531E Review

Ignition Coil 10531E

The cost is afordable
Pressure Converter, exhaust control 9184 Review
Fuel Pump 76416 Review

Fuel Pump 76416

Good quality.
Oil Filter 14158 Review

Oil Filter 14158

good product
Ignition Coil 10405E Review
Ignition Coil 10318 Review
Air Filter 18246 Review
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