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Magnum Technology Сar parts

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Magnum Technology is a well-known brand of auto parts, under which the Polish company Inter Cars SA distributes shock absorbers, springs, components of the hydraulic suspension system and others. Magnum Technology car spares are supplied to the aftermarket and are suitable for most of European, American and Asian automobiles. Their quality is as good as that of original equipment.

Car parts by Magnum Technology

  1. Suspension springs. They are manufactured from high quality raw materials with the use of modern coiling technologies. They perfectly absorb vibrations of the body during off-road driving. They provide a stable height of the road clearance and constant contact of wheels with the road. The company catalogue has several types of suspension springs:
    • Cylindrical;
    • Cone type;
    • Mini-blocks.
  2. Shock absorbers. They provide comfortable driving and high level of road-holding ability. They demonstrate excellent characteristics during emergency braking. At all the production stages each car part undergoes the testing, during which the damping properties of shock absorbers after high frequency cyclic loads is tested, as well as their resistance to the impact of corrosive chemical agents, extreme temperatures (up to 900 C) and cracking. On the whole more than 1000 varieties of these types of components are presented under the brand name Magnum Technology. The company selling proposition includes shock absorbers of the following types:
    • Oil based;
    • Gas-based.
  3. Hydropneumatic suspension components. All parts are noted for their high quality and are suitable for all types of vehicles, which use such a cushioning system, in particular for vehicles by corporate group PSA Peugeot Citroen. The category includes:
    • Spheres;
    • Pressure regulators.
  4. Mounting elements. They include:
    • Upper supports
    • Shock absorber bump stops;
    • Bearings.

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Magnum Technology | Shock absorber

Magnum Technology | Coil springs

Magnum Technology | Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops

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  • Tailgate struts
  • Bonnet struts
  • Wheel arch liner
Comfort / interior
  • Seat adjustment
  • Shock absorber
  • Coil springs
  • Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops
  • Strut mount
  • Coil spring seat
  • Suspension accumulator
  • Leaf spring
  • Air suspension
  • Steering stabilizer
  • Control arm
  • Beam axle
  • Axle bushes
  • Wishbone bushes
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