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LRT is a German brand, under which the LRT Automotive GmbH company produces exhaust system components for the aftermarket. At first, the company founded in 1998 was engaged in the distribution of catalysts made in the USA. In 1999, the LRT governance opened a catalysts production facility in Walldorf, Germany.  The company constantly works at the improvements of its products specifications, therefore LRT spare parts are of the same quality as original components.

LRT Car parts

  1. Catalysts. Made of durable and high quality materials – stainless steel and ceramics. For coating, they use precious metals such as platinum, rhodium and palladium. All LRT catalysts have Der Blaue Engel certificate that is the oldest document in Europe, which proves environmental safety of products.
  2. Exhaust manifolds.
    • Cast. Resistant to temperature changes, deformation and corrosion. Feature high quality, long life-cycle and affordable price.
    • Tubular. Have a lightweight and compact design. Increase catalysts performance, improve engine cylinder ventilation. Encourage catalysts fast response in case of cold start.
  3. Additional elements:
    • Hoses and nozzles. For their production, durable and flexible materials are used that are resistant to aggressive environment. Dampen engine vibrations and provide noiseless exhaust system running.
    • Mountings. Under the brand LRT, a large range of mountings is produced intended to catalysts and exhaust manifolds installation. Provide a secure fixation of exhaust system components even at extreme high temperatures.
    • Lambda sensors. Feature accuracy and wear resistance.

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