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LPR - is a well-known Italian brand, under which auto parts for braking systems are produced. It takes the second place by the volumes of production of brake shoes in Europe.

The history of LPR Company

The history of LPR trade mark is connected with the name Pietro Arici who opened the factory engaged in the production of hydraulic brake cylinders in 1952. 25 years later in 1977 Luciano Arici decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and founded the company LPR. s.r.l. The renovated company moved from the city of Bresciato to Piancenza, where the main warehouse and headquarters of the company has been located till present.

At the present moment the company owns five factories, seven subsidiary companies and three automated storages located all over the world. The company products are exported to 76 countries and its distribution centers are located in USA, Hungary, Macedonia, Spain and Germany.

Vehicles of such well-known brands as Renault, Iveco, Fiat, Lada and some others are completed with LPR original products. Additionally a wide range of non-genuine car parts is presented under the LPR brand. We offer you to buy LPR auto parts online in our website.

Car parts by LPR

  1. Brake pads.
    • For disk brake. They withstand a wide range of operating temperature – from -30oC to +500oC. They are eco-friendly since they do not contain heavy metals. Due to the special structure they have low noise level.
    • For drum brake. They are manufactured from strong steel and undergo sandblasting. They have high anti-corrosion properties.
    • 2. Brake disks. High technology ventilation system provides well-timed heat elimination from the friction surface. These spares match OEM parts in quality.
  2. Brake drums. For their manufacturing the company uses materials that withstand temperature drops, moisture and dirt. They provide effective braking.
  3. Brake cylinders. They are made of cast iron or aluminum and are resistant to high pressure. The use of sealing elements made of strong rubber allows to save the air-tightness of the device.
  4. Clutch cylinders. They are noted for high level of resistance to aggressive chemical agents and adverse influence of the environment.

Driveshafts and CVDs, water pumps, brake calipers, brake-power distributors, rollers, tensioners and other car spares are also produced under LPR brand.

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