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Lesjöfors Automotive is the world’s largest manufacturer of coil springs for automotive industry. At present, it belongs to the Swedish Beijer Alma group, a large industrial investor.

Lesjöfors Background

Officially, the year of the company’s establishment is considered to be 1675, when a steelworks was opened not far from Lesjöfors. In 1849, the company began to produce wireworks and metal rods, by 1852 the first coil spring had been manufactured.

Today, Lesjöfors is one of the leaders in the production of springs for passenger and commercial vehicles. The company owns ten plants and its distribution centres are located in many European, Asian and North American countries. The headquarters are located in Karlstad, Sweden. In company’s warehouses, they always maintain the stock of 850000 items, therefore they can provide fast delivery and affordable pricing.

The company is a large supplier for the aftermarket. If you’ve decided to buy Lesjöfors car parts online, then you’ve made the right choice: the Swedish company’s products belong to mid-market, but they are of the same quality as OE.

Lesjöfors Car parts

  1. Coil springs. Using parallel wires for spring production increases resistance to wearing out of the components and special coating with zinc phosphate and epoxy powder create an additional protection from corrosion.
  2. Gas springs. There are more than 1500 gas springs in the Lesjöfors catalogue. For a more convenient installation, they are supplied together with end fittings. Piston rod is covered with chrome to protect it from corrosion.
  3. Sport springs. Intended to auto tuning. Allow to reduce clearance up to 50mm. Provide an excellent road grip.
  4. Leaf springs. Made from steel, go through all stage of abrasive blasting and temperature processing. Special attention is paid to mounting holes. Leaves are covered with special compound or painted to protect them from corrosion.
  5. U-bolts. Their main advantages are durability and versatility. Suitable for the installation of both standard and heavy-duty leaf springs. Supplied together with nuts.
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