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Koni is the world’s leading manufacturer of shock absorbers. The company’s components is a symbol of high quality, comfort and safety. Products made under the Koni trademark belong to the high-end.

Koni Background

The history of the Koni company began in 1857 in Oud-Beijerland, Holland. During the first years of its development, the company produced and fixed horse harnesses. The company has been specialising in the production of shock absorbers since 1932. The first shock absorbers made on the production line were ones of the friction-type that were in high demand at that time. Since 1972 Koni trademark has belonged to the ITT corporation that makes products for aerospace, transportation and energy industries.

Today, due to the reliability and unique specifications, Koni products are in high demand in the world’s aftermarket and used in the equipment of the top vehicle models among the leading car-makers.

At present at the plant in Oud-Beijerland 1.2 million of shock absorbers are produced annually. The second company’s plant located in France, not far from Nice, produces 250000 of car parts more.

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Koni Car parts

At present, the company’s product range includes about 2500 kinds of shock absorbers. It manufactures products for passenger cars, buses, commercial vehicles, trailers, custom and railway vehicles.

The main activity of the Koni company is the production of shock absorbers for passenger cars. There are several series of components:

  • Koni Special. Shock absorbers improve suspension performance, increase the level of vehicle steering and comfort.
  • Koni Sport. These parts are an optimal choice for those drivers who prefer sporty driving style. The main aim is to increase vehicle stability.
  • Koni FSD. These components embody the cutting-edge innovations. React to changing road conditions and driving style.
  • Koni STR.T. Shock absorbers made mostly for fast driving, provide excellent road-holding.Good value for money.
  • Koni Heavy Track. Components designed for comfortable and safe driving both in and out of town. Designed for 4x4 vehicles.
  • Koni Heavy Track RAID. The main feature of the components is the twin-tube hydraulic design, which guarantees the highest safety. Enable SUVs to withstand high loads in all conditions. Shock absorber carries on working even in case of the deformation of the outer tube.
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