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JURID is a popular German brand, under which braking systems for passenger and commercial vehicles as well as for specialty vehicles are made. Exclusive quality and high performance of the JURID components result in it being popular both with world leading car manufacturers and with common car enthusiasts. You can buy JURID car parts online that fit your vehicle in the online-store Buycarparts.co.uk.

JURID Background

The history of the JURID Company began in 1914, however, its today’s name it got only in 1929. In 2000, the enterprise strengthened its positions in the World’s aftermarket joining Honeywell Bremsbelag GmbH group that in its turn is a part of American Honeywell International Inc.

Today JURID’s specialisation is the production of brake pads and brake fluids for various car models of the leading automotive manufacturers.

JURID has a well-developed industrial network: its plants are located in Germany, Spain and other European countries, as well as in the USA, Thailand and Malaysia. Each year more than 64 million of brake pads are produced.

Products made under this brand belong to the high-end.

JURID Car parts

Under this brand, both original car parts with J-index delivered to the assembly lines of car makers and components with D-index for aftermarket are produced. JURID product range includes innovative brake pads JURID WHITE: these components provide noiseless and dust-free braking.

JURID car parts have the following advantages:

  • Reliability. JURID car parts are made according to the standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and QS 9000 that guarantees compliance with the production technologies and quality control at each of its stages.
  • Excellent specifications. Passing various tests JURID components show good results. The length of braking distance in case of emergency stop doesn’t exceed the allowed maximum.
  • Enhanced operating life. Raw materials for JURID brake pads are high-endurance synthetic resin combined with power filler. Using such materials enables brake pads to withstand high thermal and mechanical loads. The production is performed according to the cutting-edge technologies, asbestos free. Even in case of heavy braking, brake pads wearing is minimized, what guarantees their safety and durability.
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JURID Brake Pad Set, disc brake 573304J

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