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JC PREMIUM Сar parts

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JC PREMIUM is the brand owned by the Polish auto part distributor Inter Cars S.A. Under this brand, on the aftermarket you can find a wide range of filters for all Japanese and Korean cars. Under the brand JC PREMIUM, they also sell brake pads, drive components, sealing elements and other components. Prices for JC PREMIUM products are ones of the most affordable in Europe.

JC PREMIUM Car parts

  1. Filters.
    • Air filters. Provide efficient filtration of the intake air from dust, moisture and solid particles. Can have cylindrical or rectangular shape. Have an enhanced cycle-life, but if you use your vehicle in hard conditions, for example, drive off-road, it is recommended to change filters more often than it is said in the instructions.
    • Oil filters. Can retain foreign particles sized less than 15–20 microns. Feature optimal level of resistance to oil flow. They are disposable and have to be replaced during scheduled maintenance of oil system; once per 20000 kilometres, on average.
    • Fuel filters. Made from nonwoven polyester or paper based on cellulose fibres. For more durability and efficiency, filtering element is impregnated with phenolic or epoxy resin adding synthetic fibres.
    • Cabin filters. Made from high quality paper, have a carbon layer. Protect the air that goes into cabin not only from solid particles and from gases as well. Eliminate bad odours perfectly well.
  2. Brake pads. Provide an optimal braking distance. Resistant to abrasive wear. If mounting conditions are met, they operate without any noise.
  3. Drive components. This category includes couplings and clutch kits.
  4. Timing belt pulleys. Under this brand, they offer a wide range of tensioners for cars of such brands as Hyundai, Daewoo, Kia, Subaru, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan.
  5. Sealers. Made of high quality rubber, do not distort because of temperature changes.

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In the online store Buycarparts.co.uk you’ll find a comprehensive assortment of JC PREMIUM auto parts and components from other brands. Choosing suppliers, in the first run, we pay attention to the quality of their products, therefore our selling proposition is made up only by premium components. We do our best to minimize all the costs caused by the car repair of its scheduled maintenance, therefore, we have special offers and individual discounts for every customer. There is a customer support service on our website; you can contact its specialists if you have any questions concerning choosing spares, shipping time and methods of payment.

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