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Janmor is a Polish trademark, under which high voltage wires and ignition coils are manufactured. Janmor Sp. z o.o. products fit more than 30000 vehicle models from leading manufacturers and are exported into 30 world’s countries.

Janmor Background

The history of the brand Janmor dates back to 1987, when Janusz Morawski established the PPHU Janmor company in Pabianice, Poland. The company specialised in the production of high-voltage ignition wires, and also supplied ignition coils and modules made by leading European manufacturers. In 1993, the company entered the international market, having offered its products at the international fair in Vilnius.

At present, Janmor Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest manufacturers of ignition system components in Europe. Over 50% of company’s products are exported. Annually, the company produces more than 150000 cable sets. Under the brand Janmor, they produce both original components for some Polish cars and non-original parts for most vehicles popular with European car owners. If you’d like to buy Janmor Car parts online, we recommend you using our online store services.

Janmor Car parts.

  1. Ignition wires.
    • Proline. These are premium high-voltage cables. Suitable for both petrol engine cars and for diesel engine vehicles. There are two types of them:
      • with wire wound. Have double isolation. The external layer is made of silicon. It protects the cable from aggressive chemical agents and features resistance to temperature fluctuations within the range of -50 °C and +250 °C. The internal isolation is made of ethylene-propylene rubber. Synthetic mesh provides additional protection from mechanical damage. The stainless steel electrical conductor reduces resistance. The cable core has a kevlar base reinforced with fiberglass, which is covered with ferromagnetic material.
      • with copper core. The core of these cables is made of copper enclosed into nylon that protects it from mechanical damage. Feature high conductivity and almost zero resistance. In order to reach equal resistance, the ends of cables are fitted with special resistors which also help to eliminate electromagnetic interference that appear when the engine is started.
    • Ecoline. Cables from this line feature excellent value for money. Represented by two types:
      • with kevlar core. Provide excellent conductivity, eliminate efficiently electromagnetic interference that appear when the engine is started. The isolation material used there is ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) that is resistant to aggressive chemical agents and temperature fluctuations within the range of -30 °C and +180 °C.
      • with copper core.Unlike wires with kevlar core, they have zero resistance which is provided by the resistors fitted into the ends of cables. The isolation of the cable ends is made of silicon or EPDM and features the ability to absorb thermal energy.
    • RetroLine. This cable series is intended for retro cars.
  2. Ignition coils. In the Janmor catalogue there are more than 600 kinds of ignition coils made by the third-party manufacturers that supply original equipment for many automotive groups.
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