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HJS is a German brand which presents a wide range of products that reduce exhaust gases. Systems and components made under the HJS brand are used both as OE and as replacement parts for commercial vehicles, sports cars and SUVs.

HJS Background

The HJ Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG company was founded by Hermann Josef Schulte in 1976 in Germany. At first, the company supplied mounting kits for exhaust systems. In 1985, they began to manufacture catalytic converters that even today are the number one priority for the company.

Over the years of its existence, the company has presented a great number of innovations aimed at the reduction of harmful emissions. In 2012, HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co received the MAN-Award which is given for the significant contribution to the quality and reliability improvement of MAN commercial vehicles and buses.

At present, the company’s staff includes 450 people. The components produced by the company feature in excellent quality and belong to the high market.  You can buy HJS car parts online on our website.

HJS Car parts:

  1. Silencers. In their design there is a special chamber filled with fibre-glass that absorbs vibrations. Due to the absorbing material used, silencers do not prevent exhaust gases from passing by, preserving engine power.
  2. Exhaust valves. Differ in durability, noiselessness and efficiency. Can be manually controlled.
  3. Catalysts. There are several series of HJS catalysts and they are mainly intended to sports cars:
    • Cup. Low-end catalysts working at the exhaust gas temperature of 950 °С. Feature high quality and durability.
    • PE. Weigh 30% less than Cup series catalysts. Due to perforated foil used in them, they produce less resistance to exhaust gas flow.
    • UL. Weigh 50% less than conventional components. Their body thickness is only 0,5 mm. Withstand extremely high temperatures perfectly well.
  4. Particulate filters. One of the latest company’s developments is CB2 system that regenerates particulate filters. It increases the efficiency of the regenerating processes that take place in the particulate filter and helps to trigger the regeneration even when the temperature of the exhaust gases isn’t high enough.
  5. Hoses, pipes, connectors. Flexible polymeric materials and highly durable stainless steel are used for their production.
  6. Mounting kits. This category includes springs, clamps, carriers, rubber pads, heat shields and other components necessary for mounting and fixation of catalysts and other exhaust system elements. Made of durable materials capable to withstand the temperature above 1000°С.
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Customer reviews
HJS Mounting Kit, exhaust system 82 41 7423 Review

HJS Mounting Kit, exhaust system 82 41 7423

Existing exhaust hangers worn out. Ideal replacement kit as it has all the parts needed.
HJS Retrofit Kit, soot filter 93 32 1710 Review
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