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Asian car industry is becoming more attractive for suppliers from Germany. Herth + Buss is a privately held company specializing in the field of vehicle electronics and parts subject to wear. Herth + Buss Jakoparts car parts are mainly oriented towards the Asian market. Best quality and reliability are company’s top priority. Separate car parts are delivered in original equipment and can satisfy even the most demanding customers. The innovative products are not only economically profitable, but also optimal in cooperation with the partner. The specialized product range is a good proof that the company is experienced in its field.

A careful quality management ensures top performance

The quality management of the products is very important for the company. Each product is tested according to certain rules before being offered for sale. Herth + Buss Jakoparts car parts company has a special area of activity. It is a range of spare car parts for Japanese and Korean car market. This complex program has been accepted in Asian countries and is compatible with products like engine, electrical system and brakes.

Various programs for over 5.400 vehicles

Herth + Buss Jakoparts car parts are available in the quantity of 15.000 spare parts for over 5.400 vehicle models. Due to ensure rapid availability even in Germany, more and more car makers rely on the program. Even the chassis is a priority of the company. Exactly these auto parts need to be of an excellent quality. They are essential for the vehicle and responsible for safety driving. They can be exposed to the most difficult conditions. In the chassis, for example, the entire weight of the vehicle rests on a single car part. Herth + Buss and their products are recognized and popular suppliers. They are successful not only on the Asian market.

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