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Herth+Buss Elparts is a German trade mark that specialises in the production of vehicle electric equipment. Herth+Buss Elparts components belong to the mid-segment of aftermarket.

Herth+Buss Elparts Background

Philipp Herth and Jakob Buss established Herth+Buss company in 1925 in Langen, Germany. From the very beginning the company specialised in the manufacturing of car parts. Three years later the firm moved to Offenbach. Since 1967 the headquarters of the company are located in Heusenstamm.

Today Herth+Buss is a large enterprise with the annual revenue of more than €80 bn. The firm has representatives in Italy, Belgium, Russia, Great Britain and France. In 2015 Herth+Buss established company representatives in the USA.

Herth+Buss Elparts brand appeared not long ago, when in 2005 the company made a decision to start the production of vehicle electric equipment. At present the product range of this line has more than 7700 components. Herth+Buss supplies aftermarket with its products.

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Herth+Buss Elparts car parts

Herth+Buss Elparts components can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Electric equipment. This product group includes signaling devices, signal units, relays, switches, sensors, voltage transformers, inverters, starters, washer pumps, cables and ignition coil. The company is striving for high quality and accuracy in the production of components from this category.
  • Lightning system components. To this product group contains daytime running lights, headlights, tail lights and bulbs. Herth+Buss manufactures lightning equipment for using at day and night time as well as for using under bad weather conditions.
  • Products for installing vehicle equipment. The company produces connectors, mountings, gasket seals, grommets, hoses, pipes, cables and safety appliances. The catalogue of the German company has all the necessary parts for the installation of the main vehicle instruments and devices.

Herth+Buss Elparts car parts are suitable for all vehicle models. The manufacturer guarantees that the up-to-day catalogue contains components even for the newest models.

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