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HEPU is a German company that specialises in the production of cooling system components. The company’s products feature high quality and fit most Asian and European cars. Under this brand, both original and non-original car parts are produced.

HEPU Background

Officially, the HEPU Autoteile GmbH company was registered in 1996, but its history began much earlier, in the mid-1960s, in Germany. From the moment it was founded up to the present day the company has been engaged in design, development and production of fluid pumps for cars of most famous European brands. The headquarters are located in Kalletal, Germany.

Having 50 years of experience, the company continues introducing cutting-edge technologies and materials into production, and its developments give it an opportunity to manufacture products of premium quality but that still belong to the mid-market. Apart from components intended for the aftermarket, the company supplies equipment for the production lines of such car-makers as Opel, Audi, BMW, Saab, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Renault, Volvo and others. In our online store, you can always buy HEPU car parts online and we can prove their quality with a two-year guarantee.

HEPU Car parts

  1. Water pumps. The production process is subject to strict control performed by specialists at each stage, therefore pump components copy the design, shape and sizes of original equipment. Ensure an optimal coolant flow both while driving slowly and at high speeds. Feature efficiency, being environmentally friendly and resistance to high pressure.Reliability and excellent performance characteristics of HEPU pumps are the results of the high quality of its components. Pulleys are made from metal-ceramics and feature excellent durability. Tempered steel is used in the production of shafts. They withstand axial and radial loads perfectly well. The housing of the component is made from cast aluminium and features durability, corrosion-resistance and high level of protection from leaking. Its precise design guarantees easy mounting. Seals made from silicon carbide airproof the connections.
  2. Timing belt repair kits. They contain pulleys, belts and mountings. Installation of these kits ensures reliable operation of the cooling system for a long period of time.
  3. Water pump kits. Allow to restore the pump without any additional costs.
  4. Cooling fluids and additives. Protect all components of the cooling system from corrosion, overheating and scale formation. Improves the efficiency of heat conduction.
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