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Work smarter. With a genuine partner.

We are perfectionists – out of tradition and a passion for modern, efficient engine technology. For over half a century, Hengst has been a creative development partner to the automotive industry and a reliable aftermarket supplier. We offer innovative filtration solutions and focus on everything from development with optimal function integration to serial production for the highest quality assurance and operational excellence. But Hengst does more than simply deliver products that convince even the most demanding customers with top performance in all situations. As a family enterprise, we also support you with first-class service, which makes it possible to do more: flexible, reliable, and personal. In short, with us, working together is simply smarter!

“The raw materials are the same for all manufacturers, so why are the filters so expensive?!” The filter paper’s origins say nothing about that filter’s performance. It is the selection of filter medium attuned to the individual vehicle and the precisely-defined filter surface that are decisive. Ultimately, 70 % of a filter’s costs come from the raw materials alone, which we always select with great care. Trust in our many years of expertise and experience in original equipment, which show the decisive plus in quality and reliability. Alongside raw materials, many other factors determine a filter’s quality:

  • The mixture of wood types
  • The proportion of synthetic fibres
  • The composition of the resin for binding the fibres
  • The drying time, drying temperature etc.
  • Filter production with a very high level of automation

Buying something cheaply often turns out to be a false economy. Better to go for Hengst brand filters right from the off. Outstanding quality, designed and made in Germany. That you can rely on! Save yourself unnecessary complaints and dissatisfied customers. With our branded filters you demonstrate your high-quality standards and you know that we are always a safe bet. We offer an extensive range of filter products which are of the same quality as the original equipment manufacturer products. As a development partner of leading car manufacturers, our trusted brand name guarantees this. Maximum performance with minimal weight, smart solutions for simple and time-saving assembly during maintenance – with our filters for passenger and commercial vehicles you will guarantee real added value for your success! When you come to us, swift service, a high degree of flexibility and an open ear for your requests at all times all come as standard!

Leading in filtration. From cables to filters.

Selected filter media

For the construction of our filter elements, we use carefully selected filtration media made from high-quality raw materials that are optimally matched to the respective vehicle type. An investment that pays for itself in high performance and longevity.

Innovative filter designs

Creasing, embossing, fold stabilization, defined filter surfaces, specially designed inner dome, stack filter – we develop our own filter design for every application or usage. This results in optimum separation performance, longer service life, and minimal pressure loss.

Modern production

From the processing of filtration media to the production of individual components and to the final assembly, the entire production of the Hengst filters is carried out in-house. This means we can guarantee in detail the precision processing and high quality of our products.

Five good reasons to buy a Hengst filter.

  • Premium quality Innovative filtration solutions mean more performance for the money.
  • Comprehensive product range Our catalog meets all requirements, with more than 2,500 OEM-quality filter applications.
  • Personalized service Your contact person always has an ear open for you and will take care of all your wishes.
  • Fast logistics We supply what you need quickly and reliably thanks to our high- performance logistics.
  • Marketing partnerships We avoid overdistribution and seek to cooperate with selected partners for long-term success.

It is in the nature of the thing: the original doesn’t come around a second time. And that is why the Hengst filter brand is unmistakable in the worldwide independent aftermarket. As original equipment manufacturers and development partners with well-known vehicle and engine manufacturers, we implement the best ideas in the best quality. Our comprehensive product and material knowledge puts us in a position to set standards again and again in the aftermarket. For you that means: we supply high-quality, high- performance OEM filtration solutions for almost all passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, and marine applications worldwide. From the classic filter insert to the sophisticated special application, you will find a full range of service parts of consistently high premium quality. And that pays off for you and your customers.

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