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DIEDERICHS Сar parts, Car detailing

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DIEDERICHS Karosserieteile GmbH is a wholesale supplier of car parts. In the company’s catalogue, there is a wide range of body elements, lighting equipment, climate control equipment and car tuning parts.


The history of the brand DIEDERICHS dates from 1967, the moment when Holger Diederichs founded his own company. At present, the owner of the business is Holger’s son, Jan-Christian Diederichs and the number of its employees has exceeded 100 people. DIEDERICHS products are supplied for 14000 repair shops and outlets that sell spare parts. The central warehouse of the company is in Bad Bentheim and has the floor space of 24000 m².

Today, in the company’s catalogue you can find more than 56000 items of components for 1126 vehicle models made by 39 car-manufacturers. You can always buy DIEDERICHS car parts online on our website.


  1. Body parts and lighting. Made of durable materials resistant to mechanical damage and deformation. Quality guarantee of each spare is proved by numerous certificates. Attachment points, shape and weight of products comply fully with original equipment standards. Metal parts feature high level of corrosion-resistance as they are either covered with zinc or made from aluminium. In the production of sealing elements, flexible materials that preserve excellent functional qualities regardless of temperature and environmental humidity are used.
  2. Air conditioning and engine cooling components. This category includes condensers, radiators, compressors, fans and other components. Feature high corrosion-resistance, withstand aggressive chemical agents impact perfectly well. Resistant to temperature and pressure changes.
  3. Car tuning components. This category covers a wide range of car parts – starting from body parts up to engine components. They help to enhance engine power, improve aerodynamic qualities in cars and their look.  Overall, there are more than 5000 different parts for car tuning that can be divided into the following groups:
    • body components;
    • lighting equipment;
    • chassis components.
Original top quality, low-priced car parts and spare parts from DIEDERICHS DIEDERICHS original products bestsellers

DIEDERICHS | Rear lights

DIEDERICHS | Headlights

DIEDERICHS | Radiator grille

  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Wing mirror Wing mirror
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Side indicators Side indicators
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Bumper grill Bumper grill
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Wheel arch liner Wheel arch liner
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Bumper Bumper
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Wing Wing
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Hood Hood
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Fog lights Fog lights
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Glass for wing mirror Glass for wing mirror
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Bumper reinforcement Bumper reinforcement
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Radiator support panel Radiator support panel
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Bumper brackets Bumper brackets
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Moldings Moldings
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Front spoiler Front spoiler
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Tailgate struts Tailgate struts
  • DIEDERICHS car parts: Control arm Control arm
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  • Rear lights
  • Headlights
  • Radiator grille
  • Wing mirror
  • Side indicators
  • Bumper grill
  • Wheel arch liner
  • Bumper
  • Wing
  • Hood
  • Fog lights
  • Glass for wing mirror
  • Bumper reinforcement
  • Radiator support panel
  • Bumper brackets
  • Moldings
Electric system
Exhaust system
Gaskets / sealing rings
Heating / ventilation
Ignition / preheating
Pipes / hoses
Auto detailing & car care DIEDERICHS
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Packaging quality +1490 23-
Manufacturer +2212 40-
Warranty +3587 23-
Customer reviews
Mirror Glass, outside mirror 1028027 Review

Mirror Glass, outside mirror 1028027

The good: The mirror glass is clear, probably 80%-90% as good as OEM. The bad: The heating element is terrible. It doesn't heat up and clear anything like quickly enough, so not good in rain nor on frosty mornings. And while the fit is reasonable, it's not perfect and required re-seating a number of times, whereas the OEM part just locks in place. Already taken it off and replaced with OEM, buy cheap buy twice.
Headlight Set 2214280 Review

Headlight Set 2214280

Indicators on lights did not work, they asked if it was installed correctly but wouldn't send instructions which seems bizarre. Also they don't mention that these lights are only suitable for left hand drive cars, making them illegal in the UK
Outside Mirror 5630324 Review

Outside Mirror 5630324

Cheap, flimsy alternative to a mazda part. The support stands 2mm from the bodywork leaving the rubber gasket on show. Range of movement for adjusting the mirror is insufficient for a right hand drive car. Mirror shakes whilst driving.
Outside Mirror 2276124 Review

Outside Mirror 2276124

discount was very good and the overall parts description was the same as the other option with better pricing.
Ventilation Grille, bumper 4013948 Review

Ventilation Grille, bumper 4013948

you are so clever and smart Your website is perfectly understandable
Radiator Grille 7832040 Review

Radiator Grille 7832040

it appears to be compatible with my car and is a genuine Skoda part.
Cover, outside mirror 4006028 Review

Cover, outside mirror 4006028

Straightforward search and good experience with a previous order.
Outside Mirror 5848825 Review

Outside Mirror 5848825

Very good price, cant comment on mirror as yet as just ordered
Headlight Set 6860280 Review

Headlight Set 6860280

Its a great improvement on the OEM lights fitted to my vehicle
Outside Mirror 4235424 Review

Outside Mirror 4235424

due to easy search of item method online and reasonable cost.
Panelling, mudguard 1216709 Review

Panelling, mudguard 1216709

Cheaper than in Uk good delivery and in past great quality
Ventilation Grille, bumper 1226345 Review

Ventilation Grille, bumper 1226345

I believe it is the correct part and the price was decent
Panelling, mudguard 5618008 Review

Panelling, mudguard 5618008

It was good value and way cheaper than going to mazda.
Indicator 2214526 Review

Indicator 2214526

good detail of the product and the returns agreement
Headlight 1620981 Review

Headlight 1620981

I chose this product because I needed it for my car.
Mirror Glass, outside mirror 5627027 Review

Mirror Glass, outside mirror 5627027

i need it and it appeared to be the cheapest option
Headlight 6440081 Review

Headlight 6440081

Reasonable priced lefylt hand headlight in stock
Combination Rearlight 6046893 Review

Combination Rearlight 6046893

It is a good price and an easy to use website
Trim / Protective Strip, radiator grille 4013941 Review

Trim / Protective Strip, radiator grille 4013941

The price and how simple it was to order.
Combination Rearlight 7676091 Review

Combination Rearlight 7676091

it was the best price and easy to order
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