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GK is a brand under which water pumps for European and Asian vehicles are produced. It was created in 1960s by Gerhard Krull. At present, it belongs to the AUTEX Autoteile Export GmbH company. The company’s headquarters are located in Köln, Germany. Under the brand name GK, non-original high-end auto parts are manufactured.

GK Car parts
  1. Water pumps. Make a feature of a high performance and are covered with modern anti-corrosion compound. The housing of the components made of cast aluminium provides high durability. Bearings and pulleys, elements that mostly exposed to wearing out, are made of hard steel and able to withstand high loads. Carbon-ceramic sealings made using the SIC technology are corrosion-resistant, provide excellent fitting and a constant engine heat transfer coefficient. In order to protect components from being damaged while transporting, all water pumps are placed into durable cardboard packaging. The company’s product range includes more than 1300 kinds of GK water pumps.
  2. Water pump repair kits. Apart from the pre-assembled water pumps, under the GK brand, pump and belt drive repair kits are produced. They make it possible to replace all worn-out components at once. Repair kits include bearings, water pump impellers, rollers and tensioners, pulleys and seals. All products are thoroughly tested and comply with the highest quality standards. This category includes more than 240 items.
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GK Water Pump & Timing Belt Set K987816A Review

GK Water Pump & Timing Belt Set K987816A

Good product. Would purchase again. Contitech belts. OEM quality.
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