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FrigAir is one of the leading Italian suppliers of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. FrigAir components feature reliability proved by the results of full scale testing. You can buy FrigAir car parts of perfect quality online at favourable price in the online store

FrigAir Background

The FrigAir company was founded in 1992 in Ferrara, Italy. At present, it is a part of the international group HACtech Global Services that produces and sells both OE and non-OE.

FrigAir specialises in selling engine cooling and air conditioning systems. The company’s staff in Europe accounts for 50 people and their annual turnover is € 25 mln. FrigAir supplies car parts not only for European market but also for Middle Eastern and Asian markets. The wide product range of the company includes high-end and low-end components.

FrigAir Car Parts

  1. Temperature control components for various automotive systems. Provide cooling of power train components that are heated while running; produce hot air in heating systems; cool oil in lubrication systems and exhaust gases in recirculation systems. This category is represented by the following components:
    • radiators;
    • antifreezes;
    • heaters;
    • intercoolers;
    • water pumps and others.
  2. Air conditioning components. Create and maintain an optimal microclimate in the car cabin. This product range includes the following components:
    • condensers;
    • air dryers;
    • hoses;
    • pressure sensors;
    • compressors;
    • evaporators;
    • O-rings, gaskets, etc.
  3. Fans. Make a feature of a high performance and low noise generation. FrigAir also offers axial fans. Due to their design peculiarities, they improve air circulation and increase radiator performance.
  4. Filters. They prevent hydraulic fluids, engine and transmission oils, oil lubricant from being contaminated; purify the air that gets into internal combustion engine and passenger cabin. The FrigAir company supplies the following types of filters:
    • cabin;
    • oil;
    • air;
    • fuel.
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