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FILTRON is a large manufacturer of filters for the world's leading car brands. Since 1997 it has been a part of the Polish-American company WIX-FILTRON that is included into the MANN+HUMMEL Group. FILTRON filters have become popular worldwide. Company’s products are represented in Central and Eastern European countries, North America and Africa.

FILTRON Background

From the very moment of its establishment in 1982, the firm has been producing high quality filters for passenger cars and lorries as well as for special vehicles. At present, FILTRON products are manufactured at 15 plants, 12 of which are located in North and South America, two of them are in Europe (in Poland and Ukraine) and there is one more in Asia (China). Company headquarters are in Gostyń, Poland. Each year the company produces more than 80 million of filters, 45 % of which are exported.

Under the brand FILTRON, a wide range of original and non-original components is produced. Filters from this brand are used as original equipment in Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Saab, Lotus, Suzuki, Harley&Davidson and Aston Martin models as well as in General Motors and Volkswagen vehicles.

The company makes sure that its distribution and logistics centres are developing, it constantly opens representatives in new countries. This allows to reduce the price of components and shorten the delivery time. You can buy FILTRON car parts online in our online store.

FILTRON Car parts

  1. Air filters. They are made using cutting-edge technologies and materials. The filtering element consists of cellulose and synthetic nonwoven fabrics, which nanofibres provide effective cleaning of intake air from contaminants of various diameters. Under the FILTRON brand, the following types of air filters are made:
    • Round and cylindrical filters. Provide high quality filtering. Used, as a rule, in cars with large underbonnet space. To protect them from deformation, the design of these filters can be reinforced with metal nets coated with anti-corrosion compound. Some filters, in order to clean air from large particles, are fitted with special media called pre-filters.
    • Panel. Are used in most modern vehicles as they help to save underbonnet space significantly. They can also be fitted with a pre-filter that protects the filtering element from premature wear.
  2. Oil filters.
    • Spin-on filters. Feature durable housing and fast mounting. In modern vehicles they are used less and less frequently as it is much easier to utilize filter cartridges installed in dismountable casings. Valves inside of the component provide timely oil supply to the engine elements and prevent operating fluid from leaking out.
    • Oil filters cartridges. Caps and inner core of filter cartridges are made of metal, feature durability and resistance to temperature changes. Perforated paper or metal net are used in order to protect filter media from mechanical damage.
  3. Fuel filters. In their design, there are some materials that not only provide high quality fuel filtration but also encourage effective separation of water which stays inside of it in the form of emulsion.
  4. Cabin filters. Filter media is made of the material, fibres of which are electrostatically charged. They efficiently attract contaminants that are smaller than the diameter of filter media pores. Activated carbon is used as an additional ply, because it absorbs harmful gases from air.
  5. Air dryers. Nonwoven synthetic materials are used to clean the air taken in by compressor from contaminants, and special granules absorb moisture. The application of FILTRON driers enhances life of the automotive systems up to four times.
  6. Hydraulic filters. Provide high filtering performance. Highly resistant to pressure changes.
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Customer reviews
FILTRON Fuel filter PP 840/9 Review

FILTRON Fuel filter PP 840/9

I chose this product because it reasonably priced & a good quality product for my car.
FILTRON Air Filter AP051/7 Review

FILTRON Air Filter AP051/7

great product for the price and the same quality as for example BOSH
FILTRON Filter, interior air K 1328-2x Review

FILTRON Filter, interior air K 1328-2x

Know the name and used before-good quality, reasonable price
FILTRON Air Filter AP 035/9 Review

FILTRON Air Filter AP 035/9

Filtron filter is good performance... (air, oil and cabin)
FILTRON Fuel filter PP 838/4 Review

FILTRON Fuel filter PP 838/4

I can find all parts in your website thanks
FILTRON Filter, interior air K 1423A Review

FILTRON Filter, interior air K 1423A

Matches the size of the OEM original filter
FILTRON Fuel filter PP 866/2 Review

FILTRON Fuel filter PP 866/2

Can't think there is better for. My car
FILTRON Oil Filter OP 617 Review

FILTRON Oil Filter OP 617

Filtron is a top brand, good quality
FILTRON Oil Filter OE 662 Review

FILTRON Oil Filter OE 662

One of the best brands and good price
FILTRON Filter, interior air K 1167 Review
FILTRON Air Filter AR 219 Review
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