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FAG is one of the world leaders in the production of bearings for automotive, aerospace and heavy equipment industries. At present, it is a part of the Schaeffler Group, the second largest bearing manufacturer in the world.

FAG Background

The history of the brand FAG dates back to 1883, when Friedrich Fischer, a Schweinfurt citizen, designed a bearing grinding and mass production machine. Three years later, he opened his own bearing factory. On the production lines, they made nearly 10 million balls per week. In 1906, after Friedrich Fischer’s death, Georg Schäfer bought the company out and registered it under a new name – Fischer Aktien-Gesellschaft (FAG).

In 2001, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy and its shares were bought out by INA-Holding Schaeffler KG that since 2003 has born the name Schaeffler Group.

Today, the company’s factories are located worldwide: in the USA, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Austria and India. Under the FAG brand, original equipment is produced for the following car brands: Alfa-Romeo, Daewoo, Seat, Skoda, Ford, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Porsche, Honda, Hyundai, Audi, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Scania, Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Mazda, Vauxhall, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo and Maybach. Under the FAG trademark, also a wide range of non-original components can be found. If you want to buy FAG parts online, we recommend you using our online store.

FAG Car parts

  1. Chassis components.
    • Wheel bearings. This is the largest category represented under the brand FAG. Made of durable materials resistant to corrosion and abrasive wear. Operate under the temperature range from -30°C to +110°C. Sealing elements and lubricant greases used in some components can withstand temperature above 120°C. Due to the improved design and optimal friction coefficient, components produce little noise. High quality sealing elements protect parts from dirt, enhancing their service life. The company's catalogue includes a wide range of parts for the cars fitted with ABS and ESP. Supplied both separately and in sets.
    • Wheel hub module. Wheel hub module is two taper bearings connected with a centric ring. Intended for commercial vehicles. Installing them will help you to restore serviceability of the hub assembly without replacing wheel hub.
    • Hub bearing repair kits. They include the most vulnerable elements – bolts, pins, nuts and gaskets.
  2. Engine components. This category includes crankshaft and balance shaft bearings, propeller shaft bearings, belt drive tensioners.
  3. Transmission and rear axle elements. To this category, one might refer reductor, gear and clutch basket bearings.
  4. Bearings for auxiliaries and interior: for pumps, turbocharges, starters and so on.
  5. Steering components. This category includes steering column and power steering pump bearings.
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Customer reviews
FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6494 30 Review

FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6494 30

I was recommended to buy this brand of wheel bearing by a mini racer.
FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6672 20 Review

FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6672 20

it is oem quality and a competative price
FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6791 90 Review

FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6791 90

I believe it is the best qulity avalible
FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6495 60 Review

FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6495 60

It was recommended by a friend
FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6107 60 Review

FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6107 60

Great value! Highly recommend
FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6157 20 Review

FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6157 20

FAG are a brand I'd heard of
FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6496 10 Review
FAG Wheel Bearing Kit 713 6602 10 Review
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