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The Italian company Facet is a large manufacturer of car parts. It specialises in the production of engine components, ignition system elements and various sensors. Facet products fit all European, Japanese and Korean makes.

Facet Background

The company F. A. C. E. T. (Fabbrica Apparecchi Contatti Elettrici Torino) was established in 1946, in Torino. Its founder is considered to be an Italian, Francesco Andriano. In the beginning, the company was engaged in the production of tungsten contacts for the telecommunication industry and later it entered the automotive industry. In 1961, the first Facet catalogue was issued and it contained various technical drawings and other useful information about parts produced. By the end of the decade, the company had entered the International market and in 1980s it started to export its products into the USA. At present, more than 80% of the total volume is exported. The headquarters and industrial facilities of the company are located in Leumann, not far from Torino.

The company produces both original auto parts, for example, for Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Iveco cars and components for the aftermarket. They can be bought in more than 100 world’s countries. The company always develops its distribution network and its products are widely spread in outlets and repair shops as well as in the Internet. Therefore, each car owner in Europe and the USA has an opportunity to buy Facet car parts.

Facet Car parts

  1. Sensors for engine management system. In the company’s catalogue, one can find over 1300 items of various sensors that control oil pressure, coolant temperature, throttle position, wheel speed and other characteristics. Help to improve engine performance and reduce harmful emissions, lower fuel consumption.
  2. Ignition system components. This category includes nearly 1300 items. After being made, each component undergoes tough testing: at first, using a special testing machine that imitates real operating conditions and then, in the laboratory. Some elements are made of precious metals that ensure optimal moment of ignition.
  3. Cooling system components. To this category one can refer thermostats, thermal switches, sensors and seals – over 1300 items on the whole. Made of durable materials resistant to temperature changes and high pressure. To connect plastic elements, for example, housings, they use ultrasonic welding technology that ensures high durability of the part.
  4. Relays and switches. This category includes more than 500 kinds of components that are used in various systems and units: starting from engine control unit up to brake light switch.
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