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ERA Сar parts

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ERA is a famous worldwide brand of automotive electric and electronic equipment. It belongs to the ERA S.p.A company that is engaged in packaging and distribution of car parts from third-party manufacturers. All the components that are supplied under the brand ERA are subject to strict control and feature high quality.

ERA Background

The history of the ERA brand started in 1983, from the moment, when the company that distributed Sipea and Efel original components, was founded in Moncalieri. Initially, the company’s name was Elettro Rappresentanze Autocomponenti and it was a Sipea’s subsidiary that presented its components on the aftermarket. In 1999, ERA became an independent company and in 2001 received it’s present-day name – ERA S.p.A.

At present, the company’s products are represented in more than 70 countries on five continents and maintain strong positions on the aftermarket. You can always buy ERA car parts online in our online shop.

ERA Car parts

  1. Ignition system. This category includes coils, plugs and ignition distributors, igniters.
  2. Fuel system. This category includes displays, nozzles, cables and fuel system elements, fuel pumps.
  3. Brake system. Is represented by a large range of wheel speed sensors (over 470 items).
  4. Engine management components. This category includes various valves, converters and sensors that control exhaust gases pressure, throttle position, intake air temperature, accelerator pedal position, wheel speed, pulses and other characteristics.
  5. Relays. There is a wide choice of different relays and control units that help to control windscreen wipers, window lifters, preheating system, air conditioner and fuel pump.
  6. Mechanical sensors. This category is represented by reverse light switches, brake light switches, oil pressure and temperature sensors, cooling fan thermo switches and other equipment.
  7. Starters and alternators. The selling proposition includes 1075 items of alternators and 697 kinds of starters.      
  8. Starter and alternator repair kits. In order to bring a starter or alternator back to life, sometimes, the only thing needed is to replace worn out parts.ERA offers to buy bushings and bearings, locking rings, caps, brush holders, gears, gear reduction units, pulleys and other products.
  9. Dashboard and steering column switches. Are used to control heating system, switch on and off lamps, horn. Control steering angle.
  10. Steering locks. This category is represented by steering locks, ignition locks and lock cylinder kits.
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Brake system
  • Brake light switch
Engine cooling system
Exhaust system
  • EGR valve
Heating / ventilation
Pipes / hoses
  • Indicator relay
Windscreen cleaning system
  • Wiper motor
  • Windscreen washer pump
Reviews of ERA
ERA: Brand's rating


7.88 /10

Reviews - 1247

10 (289)
9 (286)
8 (294)
7 (32)
6 (3)
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Parameters rating +3751 Advantages Disadvantages 77-
Product cost +1084 4-
Product quality +949 6-
Packaging quality +438 14-
Manufacturer +534 35-
Warranty +746 18-
Customer reviews
Steering Column Switch 440429 Review

Steering Column Switch 440429

Perfect replacement for faulty switch, which meant rear wiper always activated wash function too. Now working properly, easy to replace and good price. Many thanks!
Idle Control Valve, air supply 556023A Review

Idle Control Valve, air supply 556023A

The one on my car is faulty and this seems a reasonable price. Lets hope it fixes the problem! :-)
Steering Column Switch 440123 Review

Steering Column Switch 440123

Excellent value and easy ordering price well below some other for same switch.
Ignition Coil 880347A Review

Ignition Coil 880347A

Item have good feedback and price was not expensive.
Ignition Coil 880133A Review

Ignition Coil 880133A

It was very competitive prices
Temperature Switch, radiator fan 330178 Review

Temperature Switch, radiator fan 330178

I needed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ignition Coil 880272A Review

Ignition Coil 880272A

reasonable price and quality
Fuel Feed Unit 775047A Review

Fuel Feed Unit 775047A

Good price and good brand
Brake Light Switch 330503 Review

Brake Light Switch 330503

easy to find on your list
Steering Column Switch 440430 Review

Steering Column Switch 440430

recognised quality brand
Ignition Coil 880085A Review

Ignition Coil 880085A

Correct part number
Fuel Feed Unit 775076A Review
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