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Eberspächer is one of the international leaders in the production of exhaust systems, climate control and electrical equipment in cars. Products of this company are the quality benchmark and epitome of cutting edge technologies.

Eberspächer Background

The brand Eberspächer was created by Jakob Eberspächer in the German town Esslingen am Neckar in 1865.

At first, the company didn’t work with car parts, but specialised in the production of metal frames for sunroofs’ glazing. Only 66 years later, the company made a change in its activities and started to manufacture mufflers at first and then vehicle heating systems.

Today, products made under the brand Eberspächer are best-sellers. They are equipped in the vehicles of the leading trademarks and Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Opel, Ford, DAF, Scania are among them. The company Eberspächer has 60 representatives in 25 countries of the world.

Eberspächer production sites are situated in Germany, England, France, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, South Africa, China, India, Russia, the USA and Brazil. In 2015 the company received € 4.37 bn. revenue while the number of employees exceeded 8,500 people.

Under the brand-name Eberspächer, both low-cost and up-market products are made.

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Eberspächer car parts

The product range of Eberspächer trademark includes the following categories:

  • Exhaust systems. They are made using modern technologies, and due to this, they can reduce the amount of harmful emissions by up to 95% They have a lightweight design and absorb sound well.
  • Autonomous car heaters. They run independently of the engine, are notable for low fuel consumption and for being eco-friendly. Such heaters can be easily fitted in a car optionally.
  • Electric car heaters. They raise the temperature inside the car up to a desirable level very quickly. Their main peculiarity is low electricity consumption. Today, there is a mass production of Eberspächer heaters for hybrid vehicles, electric cars and vehicles with lowered diesel or petrol consumption.
  • Bus air conditioning systems. The category includes equipment for all kinds of buses.
  • Vehicle control systems. The functioning of these systems is based on effective electronic components. These systems include compact control units, energy recovery systems and voltage stabilisers.
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