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DAYCO Company is one of the three world’s leaders in the production of belts and belt drive components. DAYCO components belong to the mid-segment of aftermarket. At present, this company is a part of Mark IV Group.

DAYCO Background

The history of DAYCO Company dates back to 1905, when Dayton Rubber Company was established. In the beginning the company produced garden hoses and lid sealings. In 1908 it started manufacturing automobile tyres. During World War II, Dayton Rubber Company was the largest supplier of military products. In 1960 the company got its official name DAYCO Corporation.

Today company’s headquarters is located in Dayton, Ohio, the USA. European head office is located in Italy, in Chieti.

The key activity of the company is the production of belts fitted in cars for various purposes. The company's executives pay a lot of attention to the development and implementation of innovations. For example, the company’s engineers managed to develop a belt drive, which is resistant to the devastating impact of oil and runs without belt slipping. All the products manufactured under the brand DAYCO pass all the necessary tests, comply with ecological and international quality standards.

At present the company has more than 50 representatives and offices located in 18 countries of the world. The number of DAYCO employees exceeds 4500 people.

Under the brand DAYCO both genuine and non-genuine parts are manufactured. This company is supplier of original equipment (OEM) for more than 30 famous car makers, among those are Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Jaguar, Porsche, Audi, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Daimler, Chrysler, BMW, Opel, Renault, Citroёn, Peugeot, Ferrari, Suzuki, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota and others. The quality of car parts for the after-market doesn’t differ from the quality of original components as they are manufactured using one and the same machinery. You can always buy DAYCO car parts of any class online in our online-store.

The quality of DAYCO products is highly appreciated in the whole world. Just in 2016 the company received a number of awards, among those are:

  • Best Plant Award from PSA Group. The plant located in Manoppello, Italy received this award.
  • Two Gold Certificates for Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP) by Caterpillar company, which are awarded for the best service level. Two plants were noted – in Chinese city Wujiang and in Spanish city Manresa.
  • Winning an International Engine of the Year Award. The engines that are made using DAYCO components have received this award for the fifth year in row.

DAYCO Car parts:

  • Timing belts. Made from modern and durable materials, therefore they withstand the pressure up to 2000 bar and the temperature of more than 120 °C. Belts from HT series are covered with polytetrafluorethylene, a wear-resistant material with rare chemical and physical characteristics. It provides the high level of protection from side-impacts. HT belts have a longer service life – 3 years. They are designed for the engines with Common-Rail system.
  • V-ribbed belts. Elastic Poly-V series belts have the unique feature being self-tensioning. Made from polymeric materials, withstand the operating temperature of 130 °С.
  • V belts. Made from materials that are resistant to ozone, oil and chemical agents. Provide a high friction coefficient.

Apart from that, DAYCO also produces tensioners and pulleys, alternator free wheels, dampers for absorbing vibrations, special tools, installation kits that can include bearings, seals, rollers, pumps and other components.

Original top quality, low-priced car parts and spare parts from DAYCO DAYCO original products bestsellers

DAYCO | V ribbed belt

DAYCO | Cam belt

DAYCO | V-belt

  • DAYCO car parts: Drive belt tensioner Drive belt tensioner
  • DAYCO car parts: Water pump + timing belt kit Water pump + timing belt kit
  • DAYCO car parts: Crankshaft pulley Crankshaft pulley
  • DAYCO car parts: Guide pulley Guide pulley
  • DAYCO car parts: Timing chain Timing chain
  • DAYCO car parts: Freewheel clutch alternator Freewheel clutch alternator
  • DAYCO car parts: Water pump Water pump
  • DAYCO car parts: Poly v-belt kit Poly v-belt kit
  • DAYCO car parts: Timing belt kit Timing belt kit
  • DAYCO car parts: Timing chain kit Timing chain kit
  • DAYCO car parts: Cam gear Cam gear
  • DAYCO car parts: Engine thermostat Engine thermostat
  • DAYCO car parts: Water pump pulley Water pump pulley
  • DAYCO car parts: Wheel bearing Wheel bearing
  • DAYCO car parts: Tensioner pulley Tensioner pulley
  • DAYCO car parts: Wheel hub Wheel hub
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Belt / chain drive
  • V ribbed belt
  • Cam belt
  • V-belt
  • Drive belt tensioner
  • Water pump + timing belt kit
  • Guide pulley
  • Timing chain
  • Poly v-belt kit
  • Timing belt kit
  • Timing chain kit
  • Tensioner pulley
Belt pulleys / gears
  • Crankshaft pulley
  • Freewheel clutch alternator
  • Cam gear
  • Water pump pulley
Engine cooling system
  • Water pump
  • Engine thermostat
  • Wheel bearing
  • Wheel hub
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Customer reviews
V-Ribbed Belt Set KPV092 Review

V-Ribbed Belt Set KPV092

Because of the product view online with people fitting this product on utube thanks
Water pump and timing belt kit KTBWP7770 Review

Water pump and timing belt kit KTBWP7770

Easy to identify what I wanted from the web site and the price was good.
V-Ribbed Belts 5PK1310S Review

V-Ribbed Belts 5PK1310S

might as well change the belt whilst replacing the pulley
Belt Tensioner, v-ribbed belt APV2667 Review

Belt Tensioner, v-ribbed belt APV2667

Easy to find the correct part using the part number
Water pump and timing belt kit KTBWP3100 Review

Water pump and timing belt kit KTBWP3100

It was the best value for my maintenance needs
Timing Belt 94125 Review

Timing Belt 94125

excellent quality fits exactly very pleased
V-Belt 10A0975C Review

V-Belt 10A0975C

I am replacing already fitted this v belt
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V-Ribbed Belts 6PK2515

I know this make of part and they are OK
Water Pump DP309 Review

Water Pump DP309

10out of10 this one is for a friend
V-Ribbed Belts 6PK2080 Review

V-Ribbed Belts 6PK2080

used this make before good quality
Water pump and timing belt kit KTBWP9140 Review

Water pump and timing belt kit KTBWP9140

Good price for a quality product
Timing Chain Kit KTC1001 Review

Timing Chain Kit KTC1001

dayco is a quality oe product
Water pump and timing belt kit KTBWP3430 Review

Water pump and timing belt kit KTBWP3430

Balance of quality and price
V-Ribbed Belt Set KPV262 Review

V-Ribbed Belt Set KPV262

quality product
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V-Ribbed Belts 5PK775

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V-Ribbed Belts 6PK838

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Water Pump DP267

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Timing Belt 94122

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