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CV PSH is a Dutch brand of auto parts. It belongs to the Pos Service Holland company that is engaged in the supply of starters and alternators for passenger cars, commercial and special vehicles and it also imports the equipment for electrical workshops. Apart from the distribution of the components made by the third party manufacturers, the company also produces its own line of starters and alternators known under the brand name PSH+. Moreover, in the company’s catalogue, one can find a wide range of used car parts. PSH subsidiaries are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the RSA and China.

CV PSH Car parts

  1. Starters and alternators. In the company’s catalogue, you can find over 9000 kinds of starters and alternators for various vehicles and special-purpose machinery. The selling proposition includes original components (new and refurbished car parts) from leading world manufacturers such as Denso, Bosch, Mitsubishi, Leece Neville, Valeo, Prestolite, Visteon and non-original components of its own production. Feature high quality, performance and long service life.
  2. Lambda sensors. Go off at the temperature of 350 °C, feature accurate measurements. Electrodes and contacts of these sensors have a platinum coating. Ceramic element is made from zirconium dioxide. Have a long operating life – from 60000 up to 80000 kilometres covered depending on the application conditions.
  3. Pulley and ball bearings. Made of durable materials resistant to deformation and abrasive wear. In order to reduce the friction coefficient, contact surfaces are covered with K7 lubricant that preserves its operating characteristics at temperatures above 160 °C.
  4. Alternator Connectors. In the PSH catalogue, there is a wide range of connectors for mostly-spread models of alternators They all feature resistance to high temperatures, do not crack while being used. High quality isolation of cables prevents short circuit.

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