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Corteco is a world-famous brand of high-end auto parts. This company is a business unit and distribution centre of the Freudenberg group and supplies its products both for the assembly lines of world’s leading car manufacturers and for the aftermarket. Corteco sells its own goods as well. You can buy Corteco car parts online under favourable terms in our online store Buycarparts.co.uk.

Corteco Background

The history of the Corteco brand started in the mid-1920s, when Ludovico Cosso and Francesco Corte founded the Corte & Cosso company: it sold car parts from Germany, Austria and France in Italy. The Corteco brand name was registered in 1932 in Torino, Italy. In 1936 the firm signed a contract with the German company Freudenberg, under the terms of which it began to sell its products and some time later started manufacturing car parts using its developments.

Today Corteco specialises in the production of seals, vibration control components and air filters as well. The company’s product range accounts for more than 19000 components.

Corteco production and logistics centres are located in more than 15 countries and its goods are distributed in 60 world’s countries. The company has a large research centre where innovations and technologies are developed.

Corteco Car parts

  1. Sealing. Corteco sells seals Simmerring® that are in demand worldwide. They were developed by Freudenberg engineers in 1929 and while being in the production they have been upgraded several times. Sealing glands Simmerring® are distinguished by high reliability. The products range in this category includes more than 6500 different types of seals and more than 7000 kinds of gaskets. The Corteco company also offers the following groups of components:
    • Complete sealing kits for automatic transmission and power steering. Corteco seals consist of several metal and elastomeric layers, thus they are high-load resistant.
    • Brake hoses. Produced in compliance with ISO 9001-2008 that sets quality management system requirements. Components are subjected to rigorous pressure tests, therefore their reliability and durability are guaranteed.
    • Oil drain plugs and washers. Prevent oil from leaking out.
    • Connectors. Are rubber-coated pipe sections that provide an airtight fitting.
  2. Vibration control components. All the products comply with the highest quality standards and fit more than 27500 vehicle models. This product range includes:
    • Pulleys. Available both separately and in kits together with mountings. They can be easily mounted, enhance the life-cycle duration of belt and belt tensioner, increase the level of driving comfort.
    • Flexible cardan shaft couplings. Alternative to the Hardy joint. Efficiently dampen vibrations that occur because of the torque.
    • Suspension, engine, gearbox and chassis mounts. Components are made considering the specific features of each vehicle model and guarantee maximum comfort and safety.
    • Hydraulic accumulators. Components of chassis, suspension, power steering, transmission and innovative electro-hydraulic braking systems.
  3. Filters. One in two of all European vehicles are equipped with them. The Corteco company also offers:
    • Cabin air filters. Clean air from contaminants, prolong the lifecycle of air conditioner, prevent windows from getting fogged-up. Subdivided into standard and carbon. There are approximately 750 kinds of filters in the company’s catalogue.
    • Engine air filters. Increase engine performance and prolong its life-cycle, save fuel, reduce carbon dioxide emissions dramatically.
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CORTECO Gasket, cylinder head 414331P Review

CORTECO Gasket, cylinder head 414331P

Hi, i chose this product due to finding this site on the web an the people are very knowledgeable an the the prices are great, im a first time buyer through this company, so far so good am currently waiting for the products to arrive for completion, thank you.
CORTECO Belt Pulley, crankshaft 80000374 Review

CORTECO Belt Pulley, crankshaft 80000374

I heard it's better than febi for bmw
CORTECO Filter, interior air 80004568 Review

CORTECO Filter, interior air 80004568

The OE Mazda one lets smells in.
CORTECO Gasket, cylinder head cover 440001P Review

CORTECO Gasket, cylinder head cover 440001P

good and interesting price
CORTECO Seal Set, valve stem 19036005 Review
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