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ContiTech is a German company that is now a world’s leading manufacturer of rubber and plastic car parts. You can buy ContiTech car parts of excellent quality online in a few clicks in our online-store

ContiTech Background

ContiTech Company was established in 1871, in Hanover, Germany. At first, the company specialised in the production of tyres for different vehicles. Throughout its entire history the company has been manufacturing goods using modern technologies and contributing significantly to the development of the transportation industry: under the brand ContiTech, the first in Germany pneumatic bicycle tyre was made. Moreover, it was the ContiTech Company that made the first car tire with tread.

Over the next few years the range of ContiTech became wider: under this brand, they started producing springs, drive belts, air suspensions and other car parts.

Due to the high quality and excellent specifications of products as well as to the merger with the German company Phoenix, by 2004 ContiTech had become the market leader of rubber and plastic car parts.

In 2015 ContiTech Corporation acquired Veyance Technologies Inc, an American manufacturer of rubber products. This enabled the German manufacturer to strengthen its positioning in the international aftermarket.

Nowadays ContiTech Corporation’s priority is the production of the functional elements and systems for automotive and mining industries.

The manufacturer has nine decentralized branches and its staff numbers over 41 thousand of people in more than 40 countries in the world. Year by year the company continues to penetrate the international market: in 2015 its revenues were approximately € 5.4 bln increasing the corresponding figures of 2014 by 37%.

Reliable high-tech ContiTech products belong to the high-end.

ContiTech Car parts

  1. Air spring systems. Manufactured by ContiTech Air Spring Systems department. This product category includes complete systems and system components for self-adjusting air suspension in commercial vehicles, buses and rail vehicles.
  2. Coated fabrics. Produced by ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. This product group includes collapsible soft fuel tanks. They are remarkable for their reliability, diversity of shapes, temperature resistance and long life.
  3. Hoses and hose lines. Include components for:
  • air conditioning systems;
  • braking systems;
  • exhaust systems;
  • fuel systems;
  • transmission;
  • steering;
  • chassis.
  1. Drive belts. Developed and manufactured by ContiTech Power Transmission Group. Include both original components and products for the aftermarket. Manufactured in a wide range for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and buses.
  2. Sealing systems. Made of elastomer materials and are used in:
  • braking systems;
  • chassis;
  • steering;
  • engine management systems.
  1. Interior elements. Manufactured by Benecke-Kaliko group that is an international leader in manufacturing technical and decorative materials for different surfaces. The category includes materials for interior panelling in passenger and commercial vehicles.
  2. Vibration-absorbing systems. ContiTech Company is an international key developer of vibration- and sound insulation. Today the company offers efficient solutions for:
    • engine suspension;
    • chassis;
    • transmission;
    • car body.
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