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Continental is a world-famous German brand, under which a comprehensive assortment of car parts for most popular brands are produced. The Continental AG Company is a leading tyre manufacturer in Europe, the fourth largest tire producer in the world and one of the top five suppliers of auto parts. At present, every third car in Europe is fitted with Continental tires.

Continental Background

The history of the brand has started since 1871, when in Hannover the Continental Caoutchouc und Gutta-Percha Compagnie was established; it was engaged in the production of solid rubber tyres for car for bikes and carriages, rubberised fabrics and other products made of soft rubber.

Over the years of its development, the company has been extensively putting into effect its bold and revolutionary decisions, supporting other manufacturers’ innovation ideas. In 1892, Continental was the first one German company to start producing pneumatic tires for bikes. In 1898, the first German airship was made using Continental products. Since the beginning of the ХХ century, cars fitted with tires from this brand have been winning in famous racing competitions again and again.

Today, Continental AG consists of five subdivisions. Plants and subsidiaries of the company are located in 55 countries and the number of its employees is nearly 215000 people. Sales turnover in 2015 accounted for € 32.2 bn. The quality of products is highly praised on the world scale. For example, starting from the year 2007, Continental tires have received the highest marks in 454 contests out of 575. If you want to buy Continental Car parts online of undoubtful quality, use our online shop services.

Continental Car parts

  1. Tyres.
    • Summer. Due to special rubber compound, they provide maximum road grip. Optimised tread pattern helps to disperse water from the contact area between the tire and road surface more efficiently.
    • Winter. The innovative StudOn Retention Technology improves the level of security for cars equipped with Continental winter auto tires. The manufacturer has increased the amount of studs by 50% per one metre of the rolling circumference of the tire, therefore braking distance has reduced while the road grip has improved.
  2. Active and passive safety systems, equipment for better vehicle dynamics. This category includes a wide range of products starting with electronic braking systems (EBS) and air suspension up to headlight washer nozzles. All the systems feature rapid response, reliability and efficiency. Provide a high level of driving comfort. Special attention is paid to making car parts lightweight while preserving their durability, which eventually results in lower fuel consumption.
  3. Interior. This category includes control units, instrument panels, sophisticated displays, tire pressure sensor and other elements of intelligent transportation systems and information management systems. All the products feature high informativity, sensitivity to the slightest changes in monitored information, increase safety and driving comfort. For example, the eHorizon, thanks to sensors and electronic devices, defines what is located around the corner (beyond driver's line of sight) and projects the corresponding image to the windscreen.
  4. Powertrain elements. This category includes engine and transmission systems, injection systems for petrol and diesel engines, sensors and drives, fuel systems and other products. Their main aims are to provide the highest performance of the powertrain, to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions.
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