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CHAMPION is a widely-known car parts brand. At present it belongs to Federal-Mogul Corporation. CHAMPION spark plugs are ones that are mostly spread in the auto parts market and popular with the sports world. During one season, Formula 1 teams use more that 8000 spark plugs from this brand.

CHAMPION Background

Champion Spark Plug Company was established in 1907. Its founders are considered to be Albert Champion and the Stranahan brothers (Robert A. Stranahan and Frank D. Stranahan) In 1908, at the request of the Ford governance they designed the first spark plug that was fitted into Ford Model T cars.

At first, its products were intended for American automotive industry. Industrial facilities of the company were concentrated around Detroit where, at that time, automotive industry was rapidly developing. Since 1922 the company has started cultivating European market.

At present, the manufacture has plants in the USA, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy and it’s also the owner of the European Technical Centre, based in Upton, the UK. In 1989 the firm was acquired by Cooper Industries which in 1998 was included into Federal-Mogul Corporation.

CHAMPION is the supplier of original car parts for such famous brands as Audi, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Harley, Jeep, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Renault, Nissan, Peugeot, Rover, Subaru, Suzuki, Volvo and some others. Under the brand CHAMPION both mid-end spare parts and premium components are manufactured. If you’ve decided to buy CHAMPION car parts online, then you’ve made the right choice: they are famous for their reliability.

CHAMPION car parts

  1. Spark plugs. The range of CHAMPION spark plugs is represented by more than 150 items. Their main advantages are environmental-friendliness, resistance to extreme environmental conditions, water resistance. Long operating life of CHAMPION plugs should be also noted. Some spark plugs, for example Platinum Power series ones, can last up to 100000 km.
  2. Glow plugs. Due to special design and modern materials used, developers managed to reduce the time of warming-up up to 2 seconds. According to statistics, every fourth diesel engine in Europe is fitted with the glow plugs from this brand. Company’s engineers have developed a pressure sensor glow plug. The main feature of its design is a tiny piezoresistive sensor that is placed into the combustion chamber; that allows to control engine performance in real-time mode.
  3. Wipers. Fitted with a unique indicator that changes its colour when wearing out and reminds the driver to replace the blades. Special reinforcement ribs and integrated spoilers provide a very tight fit and effective wiping. Due to bromating coat, friction force decreases dramatically, therefore CHAMPION wipers perform almost noiselessly. Under the brand CHAMPION the following wipers are produced:
    • frameless;
    • frame;
    • hybrid.
  4. Filters. One of the most recent developments of the company is the line of compact Flo-max filters. They are made from resin-impregnated paper that is 40% thicker than usual one. It doesn’t only provide high-quality filtration but also prolongs its operating life by 35%. The company produces filters of the following kinds:
    • fuel;
    • air;
    • oil;
    • cabin.
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  • CHAMPION car parts: Wiper blade rubber Wiper blade rubber
  • CHAMPION car parts: Brake pads Brake pads
  • CHAMPION car parts: Brake discs Brake discs
  • CHAMPION car parts: Brake pad wear sensor Brake pad wear sensor
  • CHAMPION car parts: Dashboard Dashboard
  • CHAMPION car parts: Interior lights Interior lights
  • CHAMPION car parts: Number plate light Number plate light
  • CHAMPION car parts: Fog light bulb Fog light bulb
  • CHAMPION car parts: Headlight bulb Headlight bulb
  • CHAMPION car parts: Drum brake Drum brake
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Customer reviews
Spark Plug OE018/T10 Review

Spark Plug OE018/T10

I chose this product because the information provided for the product matched directly with the car specifications.
Wiper Blade A350R/113 Review

Wiper Blade A350R/113

I have used champion wiper blades before many times and I personally prefer them to Bosch wiper blades
Spark Plug OE180/T10 Review

Spark Plug OE180/T10

Recommended for my car most expensive but with the discount and the size of my car, great deal
Oil Filter COF100180S Review

Oil Filter COF100180S

Been using this filter for 50 plus years why change perfection.
Air Filter CAF100464C Review

Air Filter CAF100464C

Its a known brand and had a very competitive price
Oil Filter COF103101S Review

Oil Filter COF103101S

A good website and product I need I'd recommend.
Wiper Blade AW45/B01 Review

Wiper Blade AW45/B01

One of very few products that fit my very old car
Wiper Blade AFU7070B/C02 Review

Wiper Blade AFU7070B/C02

Never had a problem with Champion Wiper Blades
Wiper Blade EP29/B01 Review

Wiper Blade EP29/B01

I wiper are rather old and needed replacing
Filter, interior air CCF0120 Review

Filter, interior air CCF0120

Fair price. Mid range. Trusted name.
Air Filter CAF100916P Review

Air Filter CAF100916P

Fair price. Mid range. Trusted name.
Wiper Blade ER45/B01 Review

Wiper Blade ER45/B01

Brand name at a competitive price.
Oil Filter COF100165S Review

Oil Filter COF100165S

It filters my oil - nice and clean
Spark Plug OE213 Review

Spark Plug OE213

Its champion and at a fair price.
Oil Filter COF100136S Review

Oil Filter COF100136S

Well known brand at good price
Spark Plug OE041/T10 Review

Spark Plug OE041/T10

It fits my 1996 Jeep xj sport
Wiper Blade AFL6050F/C02 Review

Wiper Blade AFL6050F/C02

good wipers for good price
Fuel filter CFF100101 Review

Fuel filter CFF100101

A product I know and trust
Wiper Blade AF40/B01 Review

Wiper Blade AF40/B01

Fitted the spec of my car
Oil Filter COF100168S Review

Oil Filter COF100168S

it is a recognised brand
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