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Budweg Caliper is a world famous brand, under which calipers for most European, Japanese and Korean cars are produced. The Budweg Caliper A/S company, the owner of the brand, is located in Odense, Denmark. At present Budweg Caliper car parts are represented in more than 30 European markets and exported into the USA and Asia.

Budweg Caliper Background

The Budweg Caliper dates back to 1939, when Egon Larsen, the grandfather of the present day owners, founded the Auto-Dele company that was engaged into auto parts wholesale. In 1978 Henning Larsen, Egon’s son, opened the Budweg Caliper department that in 1987 became an independent company.

At present Budweg Caliper plants are located in Denmark, South Korea and China. Every day at the central warehouse in Denmark nearly 160000 components for various vehicles get ready to dispatch.

The company also rebuilds brake calipers after their life-cycle has ended. Everyday on 20 production lines in the European plant they refurbish nearly 250000 worn-out parts.

Rebuilt brake calipers are of the same quality as new ones. Used calipers are washed under high pressure using steel balls, then the components are covered with zinc and chrome. Rubber parts and bushings usually have to be replaced.

In order to send a worn-out brake caliper for rebuilding you have to fill in a special form and put the part into the box in which it was delivered and send the parcel to the address stated on the official website of the manufacturer. If you want to buy Budweg Caliper parts online, we recommend you to use our online store.

Budweg Caliper Car parts

  1. Brake calipers. The Budweg Caliper product range includes more than 4000 items. Due to special coating the components feature high corrosion-resistance. Under this brand the following calipers are produced:
    • floating;
    • fixed;
    • calipers for high performance brake systems;
    • electric park brake (EPB) calipers.
  2. Repair kits. Under the Budweg Caliper brand, they offer more than 2400 kits intended to repair brake calipers . As a rule, repair kits include:
    • pistons;
    • seals;
    • guide pin bushings.
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BUDWEG CALIPER Brake Caliper 34062

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BUDWEG CALIPER Piston, brake caliper 234322

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